Monday, April 3, 2017

Prayer 04.03.2017

Dear Lord,

Tonight I just want to say Thank YOU...Thank YOU.


For providing and surrounding me with great women of faith. When I was raised to believe that the only strong Godly women were those in the religious group I associated with for 36 years, you have shown me in so many ways how much deeper relationships with you exist, by people who do not just say they will pray for you, but actually pray with you.

For leading and guiding me, when I don't have the answers, but am determined to live in faith.

For showing me that when I open myself up to being vulnerable about my journey, you always bring someone into my life to speak more truth, light, love, grace, and mercy.

For giving me accountability buddies who help me transform and grow deeper into the Woman of Faith you are asking me to be. To work through those things holding me back. To face my fears. To have breakthroughs.

For believing in me when I do not believe in myself.

For helping me to create and live the life you want me to have.

For the love, joy, peace, harmony and forgiveness I have been able to experience since leaving a hurtful, abusive, and controlling childhood environment.

In reflection tonight, I just want to say Thank YOU! From the depths of my heart...I love you and appreciate you!!!

Your Daughter, aiming to live life courageously, generously, lovingly, authentically, and intentionally in freedom!

Misty Gilbert
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