Sunday, June 25, 2017

poem ~ what if

What if we realized 
in order for something new to be birthed,
We have to go through pain 
for it to be born?

What if we realized 
to have something better,
We have to let go 
of what the past revealed?

What if we realized 
that the promise of more,
Was never the benefit
of keeping score?

What if we realized 
to fully allow life to be,
We can't let our eyes 
expect it to be something differently?

What if we realized
that feeding our doubts,
Only holds us back from being the 
beast we were created to be?

What if we realized 
in this cycle of life,
That the volatile state
is the beauty we get to create?

What if we realized 
the power we have,
Because we've been given the keys
from the creator of eternity? 

© Misty W Gilbert
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poem ~ the box of fear

You stand in the hallway 
with your face right by the door,
Considering your options 
scared to make the step forward to more. 

You glance around whose next to you 
and think you cannot see,
Any good reason to leave 
all that's familiar to thee.

You retreat back into the hall
and feel the darkness invade,
The comforts of these walls 
is a security that you've made.

You're scared to let your feelings show
in this decision that you've made,
Even when the outside world is there
to release you from the cave.

You question how others do it
to move beyond their fears, 
And long to know what life's about 
instead of staying hidden in here.

You see a beam of light
coming from the other side,
And you contemplate the strength it gives
and feel a bit of renewed hope to live.

Your heart is crying out for more 
to remove the shadows of your fears,
But the chains that keep you here
seem more difficult to clear.

You wonder what it will take
for you to move beyond the fears you think,
Yet the comfort zones you know
keep you stuck in this box alone.

Your fear is suffocating you
from living life at all,
Because your scared to make a change
will hurt more than these walls.

© Misty W Gilbert
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poem ~ eyes into your soul

Your eyes are a fountain 
that go to the depths of your soul,
It's wonder of expansion
as you let it bubble up and explode.

Your eyes show the world
how you feel deep within,
And what matters most
in the heart underneath your skin.

Your eyes only reveal 
the walls hidden there,
When you turn away from the gaze
of someone who really cares.

Your eyes are the depths of blue
that penetrate the sea, 
Desperate for the kind of love,
that enables you to be free.

Your eyes are the doorway
to the gate around your soul,
The choice to let me in
is one in your complete control. 

© Misty W Gilbert
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poem ~ new beginnings

When you're going through a Chapter
of life transformation to new views,
The pruning that is happening
can hurt beyond what you feel is useful for you.

When you're going through a Chapter 
of evaluating life at the core,
Sometimes it feels so volatile 
and a roller coaster ride for sure.

When you're going through a Chapter
of re-evaluating what's at stake,
The meaning of life becomes more precious
every day in the picture images that you make.

When you're going through a Chapter
of refining what's important to you, 
The superfluous frivolousness
hits every raw nerve running through you.

When you're going through a Chapter 
of living life intentionally, 
The fact that your circumstances will change
means things simply can't stay the same.

When you're going through a Chapter 
of confusion in your head,
Sometimes you have to cut it all
to clear the slate and begin again.

When you're going through a Chapter 
of making sure to hear the still small voice,
Sometimes you'll second guess yourself 
for fear you'll miss the right choice.

When you're going through a Chapter 
of tearing lies apart,
It can take everything you've got
to search in the most secret of spots.

When you're going through a Chapter 
of wanting to live from a heart of love,
You may be burned on this quest to give it
for not everyone knows what love does.

When you're going through a Chapter 
of figuring out what's really true,
You may find more direction 
when you listen to what's going on inside of you.

When you're going through a Chapter 
of facing all your deepest fears,
In staying complacent in Friendships
that you've had for many years. 

When you're going through a Chapter 
of finding freedom from approval of men,
It is hard to understand how the ones you love
can bring more damage than connectedness in the end.

When you're going through a Chapter 
of facing the challenges around you,
Know that the giver of life
is walking right here with you.

© Misty W Gilbert
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