Saturday, July 15, 2017

poem ~ the beach view

I see this view
in front of me,
My heart feels connected
to everything I see.

Peace and calm
with music and a beat,
The sounds of the island 
are a gorgeous retreat. 

The depth of the sky
and it's colors complete,
From sun up
to the sunset out of reach.

The beauty of the water
as the sun shifts though the day,
Changes in the hues 
as it ripples far away.

How can I not leave
a part of me, 
In this beautiful place
that surrounds me?

The beach is calling 
out my name,
I'll answer the call
to find my home in its frame.

Life so simple
and yet so complete,
The joys of each day
in each moment are so neat.

The time here has been
amazing to the core,
As I unplug and rejuvenate 
every part of me even more.

I will miss days like this
as I return to the routine without this view,
But I know in my soul
it's only a matter of time til I come again it's true.

© Misty W Gilbert 
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poem ~ I Wonder

I wonder what would happen
if we focused on love and not hate,
I wonder if we would find
a life without judgment we would make?

I wonder what would happen 
if in this vision of living true,
We spent more time removing the mask
instead of blindly walking through?

I wonder what would happen
in the sorrows we face each day,
If we’d find that in the open space of our mind 
was the greatest way to live alive?

I wonder what would happen
if in learning to be just us,
We understood that the foundation of all love
starts with the concept of complete self-love?

I wonder what would happen
if we’d come to really see,
That all the issues we thought exist
really were from a loveless principal of belief?

© Misty W Gilbert
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