Sunday, April 30, 2017

Prayer 04.30.2017

Dear Lord,

Tonight as we begin another week, I ask you to remove all fear. To help bring clarity, focus, and wisdom to the circumstances of life. 

I ask for a greater revelation of truth, strength, and faith. I ask you to help us find more ways for unity and victory. 

Help us to claim the power you give us. Help us to follow through on our commitment to love in everything. To not shut people out. To be an extension of your arms and feet. To be willing to grow deeper in our walk with you.

I pray this in your most loving, caring, and loving name, AMEN! 
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Saturday, April 29, 2017

poem ~ dearest friend

as you sit in your pain
with a life of regret
I hope that you know
there is another option you can go.

as the pain consumes your heart
know that the rain has to come
for the blossoms to grow
and the beauty to show.

as you reflect on your life
I hope that you'll stop
and just take a deep breath and think
really think hard about this twice.

no matter what you choose
I know that your heart longs
to be accepted and loved
fully able to live a life completely set free.

please don't live in regret
or die with fear deep in your heart
because life has so much more
truly abundantly in store.

you've got a clean slate before you
to live an incredible life
of sweet meaning and forever in hope
through every mountain or valley you're in.

the choice is yours
to create the life that you want to live
and intentionally pursue happiness
and everything that's beautiful and true.

I want you to know
that wherever your path takes you and you go
you've got friends that love you
and want the best for ya.

don't ever remotely forget
no matter what happens
there is always one that is with you
who goes before you and walks right with you.

© Misty W Gilbert
Photo By: @mistywgilbert taken in Cayucos, California in April 2017
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Friday, April 28, 2017

never tire of doing good

Each person has his or her own burden to bear and story to write. 

May we never tire of doing what is good and right for we shall bring in a great harvest if we can just persist. 

So seize any opportunity the Lord gives you to do good things and be a blessing to everyone.

Poem Written By: @mistywgilbert
Photo Taken By: @mistywgilbert in Pismo Beach, California April 2017
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Thursday, April 27, 2017

poem ~ the pain that you keep

The pain that you hold
so tight in your grasp,
is a long lonely road
with misery that lasts.

The pain that controls you
is from deep within,
its promise is truly
a negative friend.

The pain that you keep
attached to your heart,
doesn't allow you to have
a fresh new start.

The pain that you give
out from your bleeding heart,
doesn't allow you to live
in the most healing parts.

The pain is a sign
to help you to see,
that you aren't fine
if you continue to just be.

The pain that you have
is a chance to grow you,
beyond the intensity
and compassion to show too.

The pain that you feel
is deeply hurtful to know,
but if you let it perfect you
forgiveness will flow.

© Misty W Gilbert and Photo Taken By: @mistywgilbert in Pismo Beach, California April 2017
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poem ~ memory lane

The journey down memory lane
brings memories gallore,
When you walk through an open door
you'll find there's always more.

I drove by the place we used to live
on La Entrada Avenue, 
The house was just as I remembered it
on the hill with quite the view.

I reminisced about some memories there
until I was just eight, 
It's weird how some things seem like yesterday 
even though I'm 40 to date.

Yesterday I got to tour
the school of Bishops Peak,
Where I spent first through third grade
until we moved to the desert heat.

The walk to school seemed so long
when I was just just a child then,
Yet to look at it today
it's strange how your perspective is.

The principal heard my discussion
with one of the Office Staff,
And showed me where the yearbooks were
in a cupboard in the back.

I got to locate the details
of stuff about my school,
And see the pictures of my class
when I was young and just learning in school.

I got to share with various ones 
the things that looked the same,
And inquire about the teachers
who I'm sure don't remember my name.

I then drove to find my Dad's work
and stopped in to say hi,
Of course the receptionist was kind
but didn't know my Dad from back in time.

It's crazy to think about the moments there
for growing up my life was hard,
It's been cool to travel down this way 
yet it makes me feel old to study long ago days.

© Misty W Gilbert
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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

poem ~ everyone wants

Everyone wants freedom
yet most won't do the work,
To release them from the baggage
of bonds that deeply hurt.

Everyone wants to have
a life of no regrets,
But to have these results is easy
when you believe and don't fret.

Everyone wants to be
released from all the boxes that we make,
To keep one from enjoying their life
that was not meant to be fake.

Everyone wants to fly
high above the waves of life,
Yet a battle still remains
as you ride the current in the sky.

Everyone wants to be loved
and accepted for who they are,
The choice to be a ripple effect
and love like pure water is not hard.

Everyone wants so many things
yet all are within their grasp,
Because God made you powerful
with your own will to connect.

Everyone wants to be given
renewed hope today,
But the choice is yours in how you live
in spite of all your scars along the way.

© Misty W Gilbert and Photo Taken By: @mistywgilbert in Cayucos, California April 2017
#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice   #EveryoneWants #ThePowerOfChoice

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

poem ~ a walk through rejection

I tried to walk a mile
on down the beach today,
But my heart was grieving 
in its very own special way.

You see I've been on a Journey
to learn once again,
The meaning and lessons there are
from the people who wound your heart.

We all have our triggers
and things that hurt deep,
Sometimes it's not easy
to quit playing it on repeat.

But today as I look back
on my courageous journey thus far,
I can't help with gratitude remember 
the numerous blessings that there are.

My life is not perfect
though it might seem so from your view,
That I've got it all figured out
in spite of the hurtful things I've been through.

The choice to stay positive 
some days feels like just a game,
Yet I promise you it's more
of a way through the pain.

I wish I could explain 
why people hurt you so,
But I believe in my heart
that every person must do their part.

You can't make all the people
who say they love you so,
To actually work through the problems
and face them as you go.

For many will alternatively choose
to simply run away and hide,
Explaining they have every right
and set boundaries to block all sides.

You may never get the answers
as you seek forgiveness yet,
But the option is only yours
to live a life with or without regret.

Don't let one person ruin your core
or two, or three, or even four,
For true friends won't abandon you
they'll love you even more.

Some days it will be hard to see
why all this is happening for me,
But when I live in love and grace
I can see His perfect plan taking place.

Today I release this Friend of mine
knowing I've got bigger mountains to climb,
Though I still wish you'ld walk this journey with me
I respect the fearful state you've chosen to be.

I will continue to pray for you dear
for I believe in you and your mission there,
But I choose no longer to let you rip my heart
and begin today with a fresh new start.

I forgive you for deeply hurting me
but for one another I'll still be,
For I know completely once again
authentic love and friendship will never fail or end.

© Misty W Gilbert
Photos Taken By: @mistywgilbert in Cayucos, California April 2017
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Monday, April 24, 2017

poem ~ vacation at the beach

The door is wide open
to let in the ocean breeze,
and listen to the endless waves
as they crash along the beach.

I sit here in my comfy chair
with pen and paper to write,
poems about life's beautiful things
with additional lines to recite.

The time is passing quickly here
but I promise I'm loving every moment,
as I treasure this quiet time alone
to reflect and rest in this beach home.

I can't tell you what this view is like
sometimes it doesn't seem real,
that I'm getting to sit here and take it in
for its gorgeous and such a heavenly feel.

© Misty W Gilbert
Photo Taken By:@mistywgilbert at Journeys End in Cayucos, California April 2017
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poem ~ God Is Bigger

As I sat on the airplane
I caught you looking at my hand,
I wondered what you were thinking
with that far-away look that you had.

Perplexed I could see
and I thought about what it could be,
see little did you know
sometimes there's still that fear residing in me.

16 years I wore it
this band on my left hand,
to prevent access to my heart
from any advances of a man.

Some days it's very easy
to face all my fears,
other times it takes courage
to stop the story that brings tears.

So little do you know
as you stared there at me,
all the emotions you triggered
down deep inside of me.

I'm glad you finally asked
what Mark 10:27 meant,
for the bracelet I wear
is God's bigger than all of it.

Your eyes conveyed a longing
and deep desire for Hope,
my response wasn't what you expected
and it left you puzzled - no joke.

You sat back and tried
to absorb what I just said,
yet your heart already forgot
the verse I had just read.

So you asked me again
what did it say?
To which I responded
why don't you just take this today?

You quickly told me
oh no, it's just fine,
I just want to read it
when I have the time.

But I wouldn't let you
not have this bracelet of mine,
because I know the impact it has had
on my daily life each time.

Yes I wear it
every single day of the year,
because I need to be reminded
my God Is Bigger then all my cares.

There once was a time
I would have not given you that,
but I've seen the value that comes
from a ripple effect.

So today I am thankful
for the impact I made,
I only pray you'll come to know God
in a very special way.

No matter if you do or you don't
I know your heart was deeply touched,
by the impact of the thought
that with God all things are possible brought.

And no I didn't even ask you your name
I count it as a blessing just the same,
for the reminder to me that we are
ever connected even worlds apart.

And if by chance on this day
you actually connected to God in your own way,
I'll simply count it as one of my grateful moments
as we all have a choice in a pay-it-forward focus.

For each and everyone I will pray
that love you'll have and in the good fight stay,
please never lose your hope each day
for all things are possible with God and Faith.

© Misty W Gilbert
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Sunday, April 23, 2017

poem ~ a Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach
what a retreat,
To run away from life
and unplug for a beat.

A Day at the Beach
how calming it is,
To release all the tension
of this Entrepreneurship biz.

A Day at the Beach
with toes in the sand,
Escaping all the stress
of everyday life demands.

A Day at the Beach
always restores my soul,
To listen to the waves
as they continually roar.

A Day at the Beach
oh the smell of fresh air,
And to feel the salt soften
my dark curly hair.

A Day at the Beach,
I tell you it's neat,
All the things that you see
as you walk every few feet.

A Day at the Beach
with a sunset to view,
It's beauty I tell you
is phenomenal it's true.

A Day at the Beach
the water so blue,
My mind gets completely lost
as I study it's hues.

A Day at the Beach
to see all its power,
To capture it's beauty
as it changes by the hour.

A Day at the Beach
goes by so quickly,
I wish I could live here
for the benefits are plenty.

A Day at the Beach
how amazingly sweet.
I tell you it is
my absolutely favorite retreat.

© Misty W Gilbert
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Saturday, April 22, 2017

poem ~ ordinary life

An ordinary life
built on limits and fears,
Is one that produces
many regrets and tears.

An ordinary life
that is filled with excuses,
Means one that is lost
for no benefit it produces.

An ordinary life
lived in pain and disconnect,
Leaves nothing for
a heart of worthiness.

An ordinary life
means settling for less,
Then offering the world
my very best.

An ordinary life
when there really is more,
Potential of abundance
and a beautiful life in store.

An ordinary life
means playing small,
Verses living a life
of giving my all.

An ordinary life
yet called for much more,
By the one who created
my life with so many doors.

An ordinary life
with options and choices,
To speak words of life
in a world full of voices.

An ordinary life
is to live with limits,
When freedom has been given
its no evident secret.

An ordinary life
so many will keep it,
Yet fulfillment is a choice
in this journey, for I need it.

An ordinary life
built up on choices,
Some very important
others no one sees them.

An ordinary life
or an extraordinary one,
Yes it is true
you've got to choose one.

An ordinary life
I will not seek,
No, I have more in my heart
for these avenues to reach.

© Misty W Gilbert
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Friday, April 21, 2017

poem ~ what's on my mind

What's on my mind?
If I had the words I'd say,
To share with you my heart
as I try to think today.

What's on my mind?
I promise you it's more,
Then what one should be able
to consider at the very core.

What's on my mind?
Do my feelings show,
The expression in my eyes
is more revealing than you know.

What's on my mind?
Some want to know,
Others disregard it
so vulnerability won't show.

What's on my mind?
If I shared would you be,
One who accepted or
choose to run from me?

What's on my mind?
The results that can come,
When I release all my fear,
building faith and gratitude tons.

What's on my mind?
As I genuinely seek,
Ways to be happy
even when things are bleek.

What's on my mind?
Too much I know,
For the reasons why
are a chance to abundantly grow.

What's on my mind?
I promise I pray,
For strength in this journey
and guidance always.

What's on my mind?
I wish I could say,
The purpose in life
is to figure out the way.

What's on my mind?
Is the concept today,
To live in the moment
simply each and every day.

What's on my mind?
I tell you it's true,
The meaning in life
will forever be you.

© Misty W Gilbert
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Thursday, April 20, 2017

I would have lost heart...yet again

I would have lost heart...when I had to fight for 3.5 years with the Honda dealership over prepaid maintenance that I paid for but was charged each and every time I came in (11 times), unless I believed that if I was patient and kept sticking to the documents and asking for resolution, I would win and the situation would get resolved in my favor.

I would have lost heart...when I got bitten by dogs, over a span of 10 years, 3 different times, from my landlord when I was renting, to two guys walking at the track where I work out often, to an event at my employee's house in her backyard; particularly because I was injured each time and incurred medical bills ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars, for something that was not my fault each and every time, unless I remember that not everyone will do unto others what they want done unto them and take care of a moral and financial obligation.

I would have lost heart...when I had hives for nearly 2 Years, unable to figure out what was causing them after multiple tests, products, medications, creams, injections, and every alternative medical treatment under the sun, unless I believed that if continued to keep a food journal, paid attention to my body, was loving and kind to myself during these episodes which they traveled all over my body, that eventually I would learn and uncover the cause.

I would have lost heart...when a client hit me in the head twice for stating a fact about the work I was doing and our contract agreement, unless I believed that God would use this in my life to help me heal by opening up and doing counseling about the years of childhood abuse and this would start the beginning of my transformational journey.

I would have lost heart...when my credit card company posted my $2,000 payment as a $2,000 charge and put a hold on my credit card for 2 weeks while they researched it, unless I believed that if I was patient and asked for leadership to intervene, the issues would get resolved much more quickly.

I would have lost heart in all these things and more...unless....

Unless, I choose to walk in the truth of keeping no record of wrongs.

Unless, I choose to forgive.

Unless, I choose to live out what grace looks like.

Unless, I choose to be relentless in my pursuit of excellence.

Unless, I choose to have the grit and mental discipline to live a life full of love.

Yesssssss...unless I create my own power of choice and free will to be an overcomer and not a victim.

...I would have despaired and lost heart, unless I had not believed! ~ Psalm 27:13 AMP
#TheSassyVoice #DontQuit #KeepTheFaith #GodsPlan #HaveFaith #Believe

poem ~ I say Thank You

I say Thank You
for my challenges,
For in them I find
the strength and ability
I wouldn't have known did reside.

I say Thank You
for the heartache,
For in it I find
the depths of compassion
And understanding each time.

I say Thank You
for the waves of perfection, 
For in it I find
and see life is about balance
So truly divine.

I say Thank You
for all the rejection,
For this won't define
the status of my life
Or the dimensions I climb.

I say Thank You
for all my fears,
For in them I find,
more courage to fight
For this unique dream of mine.

I say Thank You 
for all of my flaws,
For in them I see 
the truth and vulnerability so raw
That abounds yet it completes me.

I say Thank You 
for my insecurities,
For they help me to be
more accepting and loving
Of this person I can grow to be.

I say Thank You 
for all the pain in my life,
For through it I find
I have a choice
To overcome all of this strife.

I say Thank You 
for all the misunderstandings,
For in them I find
a chance for connection
And a new perspective to find.

I say Thank You 
for the vast darkness,
For in it I look
knowing that this 
Is when light shines the brightest.

I say Thank You 
for another layer of growth,
For in it I find
that life will expand
When gratitude is the method of focus.

I say Thank You 
for I don't just have to cope,
For in it I know
the path to more
Of an abundant life isn't beyond hope.

I say Thank You 
for everything in my life,
For in it I find
all of it has a reason
And a meaningful purpose.

© Misty W Gilbert
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

the pursuit of simplicity

Today, I want to share part of my heart.

My word this year is simplicity. My focus this year is simplicity. My vision is simplicity. My purpose is simplicity. My adding value to my life is in simplicity.

Not everyone gets it. I had a conversation with a girlfriend 2 weeks ago who avidly disagreed with me and stated that Jesus is about abundance, not limits.

I explained that Minimalism isn't about limits, it is about having what you need, what is enough, not consumption, excess, or waste. That it is about creating a life that adds value, where you use your things, where you aren't creating a dwelling stuffed with stuff for the sake of what everyone else says you have to have. Though some target minimalism as a status of who has the least is the best, this isn't what I am about. She still didn't agree or get it.

Sometimes it hurts when my friends feel I have gone crazy. Sometimes their words can dig deep. Sometimes when they feel you have lost your faith and purpose it can make you feel like you are wrong for how you are living your life. Sometimes the disconnect from reality of the world around you is worth your own inner peace. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and realize that we create our outer world by our inner world and this is an individual choice. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of the truth. Sometimes we have to let some people go.

Keep on tribe. I promise...creating a life of value is meaningful!
#CreateTheLifeYouWant #LiveIntentionally #SimpleLifestyle

poem ~ fear

Will you let fear rule in your heart? 
Or will you break the boundaries to tear it apart?

Will you allow fear to override the truth?
Or will you let truth override the fear?

Will you let fear hold you back?
Or will you take charge and pursue a course in a fearless pack?

Will you keep fear in your front view mirror?
Or will you leave it in the dust of your rear view mirror?

Will you make fear your Best Friend for life?
Or will you destroy it's grip that it has on your life?

Will you let fear be what keeps you in chains?
Or will you seek freedom with the release of what fear gains?

Will you let fear be what drives your choice?
Or will you make fear the smallest voice?

© Misty W Gilbert
#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #Fear #NoFear

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

poem ~ everybody's book

Everybody's got a blank page in their book, The choice is yours as to what are you writing on it.
Everybody's got a line in their book, That makes everyone cry buckets of tears.
Everybody's got a paragraph in their book, Where suspense is great and fear is horrific.
Everybody's got a book filled with lots of people, Some who add value and some who take away.
Everybody's got a chapter in their book, That they wished didn't exist.
Everybody's got a section in their book, Where they had lack and then they had plenty.
Everybody's got a portion in their book, Filled with sadness and beauty.
Everybody's got a book that has had all seasons, Some are just longer then others.
Everybody's got a chance to close out their manuscript, With the author of life under their name.
Everybody's got the ability to use whiteout or an eraser, So they can start over.
Everybody's got a book with a purpose, The question is what is yours?
Everybody's got the same chance to write a book, The question is how much effort will you put into yours?
Everybody's got the same chance to be the hero of their own story, The question is will you be yours?
Everybody's got a blank page in their book, The question is how many do you have left in your book?

© Misty W Gilbert
#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #EverybodysBook #YourStoryMatters #ThePowerOfChoice

Monday, April 17, 2017

poem ~ before you judge me

Before you judge me,
Maybe ask some questions to learn the truth.

Before you judge me,
Maybe be willing to see a different perspective then your view.

Before you judge me,
Maybe trust there are more details then the surface provides.

Before you judge me,
Maybe realize there is pain deep inside.

Before you judge me,
Maybe let me show you how I got to this place where I hide.

Before you judge me,
Realize maybe I'm just trying to cope.

Before you judge me,
Give my heart a reason to have hope.

Before you judge me,
Let me share with you what I'm afraid of.

Before you judge me,
Show me you care about my mess.

Before you judge me,
Let me share with you the back story.

Before you judge me,
Remove the beam from your own eye.

Before you judge me,
I'd rather be accepted then rejected for my beliefs in Christ.

Before you judge me,
Forgive me for I know not what I do.

Before you judge me,
Give me a chance to change your mind.

Before you judge me,
Let love be the reason for making me try.

Before you judge me,
I'd love you to walk with me in my shoes.

Before you judge me,
Give me some credit that I'm doing my best.

Before you judge me,
Help me to grow beyond my very best.

Before you judge me,
Remember that the power of life comes from an extension of grace.

Before you judge me,
Make a list of all the things that you are grateful for about me.

Before you judge me,
Remember I'm a work in progress.

Before you judge me,
Don't expect perfection of me when none of us are perfect.

Before you judge me,
Give me space to learn on this journey.

Before you judge me,
I can tell you this is where my strength resides.

Before you judge me,
Maybe just love me beyond what is humanly possible to do.

© Misty W Gilbert
#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #BeforeYouJudgeMe

Sunday, April 16, 2017

poem ~ through the heartache

Jesus went through the heartache 
even when he wanted to run,
Away from the Father
passing the cup to someone.

Jesus went through the heartache 
and darkest of days,
To fill the calling of God
so we could have forgiveness in all ways.

Jesus went through the heartache 
to show the world He cares,
Yet do you stop to notice
or stay stuck in your despair?

Jesus went through the heartache 
to give the world the hope,
That there is redemption
in the situations where you're trying just to cope.

Jesus went through the heartache 
to pay the ultimate price,
So you don't have to do it
there is no need for payment twice.

Jesus went through the heartache 
and the most difficult fight,
The result is this shows us
there is a gift in the pain of life.

Jesus went through the heartache
to show you it can be done,
If you cling to the Father
you'll experience fulfillment a ton.

Jesus went through the heartache 
as an example to you and me,
Of what happens when you focus
your eyes fixed on eternity.

Jesus went through the heartache 
and the challenge for three days,
To show you what true love is
and how you're connected when you pray.

Jesus went through the heartache 
and the loss of everything,
To give you a life of freedom
and all the things that it brings.

Jesus went through the heartache 
to release you from your chains,
The moment you discover truth
nothing else will remain.

Jesus went through the heartache 
even as impossible as it seems,
That someone could love you so
when rejection is a prevalent thing.

Jesus went through the heartache 
and yet the choice remains,
Will you accept and live with joy
or your voucher never claim?

Jesus went through the heartache 
because He loves you so,
The limits are non existent
for His power covers your soul.

Jesus went through the heartache 
so the promise He could bring,
Of abundant life to you and me
for the benefit of everything.

©Misty W Gilbert
#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #Jesus #ThroughTheHeartache #PainIsAGift

Saturday, April 15, 2017

poem ~ love is 2

Love is
the choice to let it go.

Love is
not staying stuck in fear.

Love is
releasing your past.

Love is
knowing you will make mistakes.

Love is
seeing your failures as ability to grow.

Love is
stepping away from your judgments.

Love is
not in striving.

Love is
pressing through your lack.

Love is
embracing your struggle.

Love is
believing your pain is a gift.

Love is
seeing through our differences.

Love is
not focused on your weakness.

Love is
an addiction to growth.

Love is
never full of regret.

Love is
not hiding behind a mask.

Love is
dissolving the baggage.

Love is
pushing through the heavy weight.

Love is
the only thing that can change you.

Love is
the only thing that wins.

Love is
something that continues even in disagreements.

Love is
stronger then what we can understand.

Love is
the source that covers the gap.

Love is

Love is
what protects.

Love is
how we get a clear view.

Love is

Love is
always seeking kindness.

Love is
brave in adversity.

Love is
in a position to always forgive.

Love is
focused on the hope.

Love is
the ability to see beyond the moment.

Love is
made to fly.

Love is 
filled with purpose.

Love is

Love is

Love is
the greatest gift.

Love is

© Misty W Gilbert
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poem ~ love is

Love is
something we all continually seek
But will never fully comprehend
the purpose in its connection
And the realization of what giving it can meet.

Love is
something we want to be tangible 
But many times it never speaks
the language of our heart
Because locked doors we often keep.

Love is
something that you configure
Yet connection has to run deep
for in it is the hope 
And how it brings life with every beat.

Love is
something that never ends
The cycle of its course
goes on and on forever 
To create the healing from remorse.

Love is
something you can receive 
For love is whatever you want
it to actually be
Because it lives deep inside of me.

Love is
something you'll never see
But the truth of what it does
and how it blesses me
Is always on display shinning back at thee.

Love is
something in the antidote to feelings
You harbor in your soul
the benefit of the source
Is impossible to know.

© Misty W Gilbert
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Friday, April 14, 2017

poem ~ minimalism

Minimalism they say is crazy
yet they rush to buy more stuff,
To fill their closets, garage and spaces
with more things to achieve a lot of fluff.

Minimalism is a journey 
of living within your means
Not keeping up with the Joneses 
for some important benefit it seems.

Minimalism is looking at what brings value
in every day of life
To love and use the things you have
and create memories alike.

Minimalism is meant to help you see
that life's value isn't meant to be
In consuming more then you can use
for hoarding is not the key.

Minimalism is a choice 
that only you can truly make
But once you begin to see the results
it's hard to see it as a mistake.

Minimalism will change your living
in every aspect of the path
For one can't help but continue to seek
being intentional in every task.

Minimalism isn't about the concept
of who can have the least amount of stuff
No it's truly only for the perspective 
enjoyment is beyond the scope of enough.

© Misty W Gilbert
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