Monday, February 29, 2016

choose to connect with your friends

If you knew today was the last day you could write and tell me something, what would you say?

We never know how long someone will be a part of our life. We never know when our last opportunity to connect with them will be. When they come to mind, why do we not act on it? What would happen if we did that every time they came to mind, to stop what we were doing and send a text, an email, a Facebook message, make a phone call, send a snail mail note, or schedule a coffee date or time for a meal.

Yet we let life happen and we don't do it. Why?

Sometimes we are too busy. Sometimes we think the person won't receive what we have to say. Sometimes we get so caught up in unimportant things that we don't make it a priority. Sometimes we make excuses. Sometimes we forget that these little things matter.

On Valentines Day, I texted and Facebook messaged as many people as I could in 2 hours a simple message: 
heart emoticon happy Valentine's Day [name of friend] heart emoticon YOU are loved and very special! 

heart emoticon

I loved doing this...because I love my friends! And I wanted them to know it.

I love the peeps who invest in my life. Who pray for me. Who encourage me to be a better person. Who love me for who I am. Who believe in me.

This was the first Valentine's Day I have ever done something like this, but it isn't the only time I make it a priority. I try to text a random person every day a message that says I am thinking about you and I hope you are doing well...or I am sending lots of love and eHugs to you...or I love you.

Even if you don't respond. Even if you ignore my heart. Because it doesn't change my heart, I LOVE YOU! I will always love you.
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Reflections on the Oscars 2016

Reflections on the ‪#‎Oscars‬:
I haven't seen very many of The Oscar's, but I couldn't help analyze the event last night and come away with some things that have impacted my life.
If you were to win an Oscar, what would you say in your 1 minute acceptance speech?
Each person who plays in or contributes to the creation of a movie knows they have an important role. When they attend an event like this, though they don't know if they will win, they do know there is a chance. What preparation are you making for this chance?
Those that know the vision they have for their life, have a purpose for why they do what they do, know what they wanted to get from the creation of the film to where they are, and they have a message. Those that don't have a message, or become so self conscious or emotionally caught up in the moment that they can't think through what they want to say, or won't take the opportunity when the floor is given to them, don't. How about you? What is your message? Will you cease the moment or let it slip away?
Credits are given at the end of a movie as to who contributed to making it happen. Is an acceptance speech simply all about thanking those who helped you win this trophy? We all know it is team work that makes something like this happen. What if it was more about acknowledging the dream you had, your purpose for making a difference, the people who came along side you to assist you in making this vision come to life, and the impact of these people in your life that helped you create it? What if it was to encourage someone else in their dream?
Who would you give thanks to for their impact in your life? Would you wait until you had a 1 minute acceptance speech to tell them so? Have you focused on the core circle of influence around you who are inspiring you to be more, share more and live fully? If not, what holds you back from creating a circle of friends around you like this? Honestly, unlike most of the people who thanked their parents for being a part of their life and their support, my parents wouldn't be one of the people I would list. Yet they have impacted my journey significantly. But so have many others. I want to focus more on the people who have created a positive impact in my life.
Just because someone wins an Oscar, doesn't mean that they were absolutely the best. It means they got voted to be the best but a group of people who have their own criteria for ratings. Yet in reality, to make it to one of the top 5 people selected is in itself a true honor. It means they were considered to have made a significant impact. An impact that touched lives and changed the world through cinema. Are you living for an Oscar or to make an impact?