Saturday, February 4, 2017

what's created your success?

All of us are looking for ways to be able to be successful in our lives. Frequently, we will sit down and ask someone, what do you feel has been the most contributing factor to your success in life?

I love learning from other people. I love learning what the keys are that have made them achieve the results they want in their life. I love being able to improve what I am doing by shifting my thoughts on something, learning a different approach, understanding another perspective, being shown how to do something more effectively, or simply learning something new.

For me, I would say it is this: 
Simple disciplines done consistently over time produce results.

I was on a call two weeks ago with a client and shared with them that thought and how much it has changed my world, letting them know that they can get through this rough spell by changing some patterns and paradigms and working to create disciplines that they do consistently.

This truly has been one of my key's to success in life. Creating processes on how I do things and always following through with being diligent to do them every single day, week, month has created phenomenal results from sleep patterns, to saving money, to an exercise routine, to cultivating friendships, to the number of books I read every year, to learning new skills, to anything and everything you can think of.

This client asked me when I came up with that quote. The fact is, that quote isn't mine. It is from one of my absolutely favorite books called: The Slight Edge. that I read at least once every single year. I always get something out of the book or refresh myself on principals that are important and so it is one of my books I make sure I keep active in my library. I had my own version of a quote similar that I used previously to reading this book, but this one to me says it so much better that I dropped mine: Creating routines and being disciplined to do them is what generates success.

What would you say has been a key to helping you create the life you want? To help you achieve results? To get the success you desire in your own life?
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