Sunday, May 14, 2017

poem ~ all in the game

You've asked me to share my story
and what my life is about, 
Because you've given me so much 
I've got a passion that oozes out.

I committed to my coach
to be all in the game,
And not just a little
for that's not playing the same.

I wrote in my journal
that I'd settle for more,
Than those out to take me down
trying to kill my life at the core.

I affirmed that I'd be
completely just me,
Not living in fear 
of everyone around me.

I knew that that meant 
The Sassy Voice would progress, 
Down a narrow road of attention 
to complete intentional living.

I wrote out the message
of what you're asking of me,
And promised to follow through 
standing in the vision I see.

When I made this promise 
I has no idea what it meant,
Or that I'd be tested 
against the worst battle yet.

Attacked on all sides
by many that I love,
It left me discouraged
and questioning the path from above.

I've been presented with many 
options to just run,
To live hidden away
keeping the objective of none.

I had to seek if I'd stay true
to the values I hold to,
Or would I succumb
to the pressure and come undone?

In asking these questions
I was met with a choice, 
To be renewed in my commitment
or seek a lesser voice.

Being boldly assertive
even when all is at stake,
Means change must be made
for the accountability is great.

To live from my heart
in limitless courage,
And forge ahead on
in a life full of purpose. 

I won't do it perfect
no matter my heart,
But I promise to live
with this perspective as the mark.

© Misty W Gilbert
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