Saturday, March 4, 2017

poem ~ true friends

You walk into my life
and say that you love me,
You promise to connect
and stay right beside me.

Your intrigued by my message
and inspired to learn,
What's made me become
of the choices in life's turn.

You wish you could be
more like the qualities you see,
Yet nothing I have
is beyond able for thee.

I've been here before
with many a Friend,
Your willing to connect
but only to such an end.

My story inspires you
and you want to know more,
Until the day when
your heart shuts the door.

You want to be different
yet you seek to defend,
The walls that you build
to keep you closed in.

Connection won't happen
when you just pick and choose,
Which moments to share
even when there's lots to loose.

Your love only works
when it's convenient for you,
But the moment it pushes you
there's no reason to hold true.

Authenticity means 
you won't live out your life
Creating an illusion
of barriers masked in lies.

Don't wall off your heart 
when it's covered in doubt,
For through this discovery
you'll gain wisdom to shout.

The journey that you make
starts with removing your fake,
For every fear you must face
to truly win in this race.

The choice to uncover
these hurts deep inside,
To make room for the love
you sure wish did reside.

True love won't be one
to run in the gap,
When decisions and life
throws much mishap.

The choice to stay a victim
or live intentionally,
Is one only you can decide 
to completely be set free.

I ask you to consider
these things that you say,
For true freedom is found
simply in each and every way.

The message is simple
and yet so profound,
The courage to try again
is always around.

So when you say that you love me
I hope you can see,
That the true test of this
will be in how you treat me.

© Misty W Gilbert
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