Saturday, January 28, 2017

there will be people

You will have people who like your positive spirit until it infringes on their way of life. You will have people that are inspired by your story until they realize to change means they have to rewrite their story and get out of their victim mindset. You will have people that want the results you have but are not willing to do the work. You will have people who think that you are a really great person until you change in ways they no longer agree with and so they cut you out of their life to be able to deal with the fact that "you've changed". You will have people that comment and say they love you, they are proud of you, and how much they support you, and they mean it, as long as you don't ever disagree with them on anything. You will have people that won't even attempt to like you because you rub them the wrong way. You will have people that are intimidated by you. You will have people that will be jealous of you. You will have people who get offended because of things you do or say. You will have people who are upset because you are vulnerable and share so much. You will have people who don't like when you don't give details and keep things to yourself. You will have people who want you in their life as long as you provide them something that feeds their need, the minute that no longer exists, they have no use for you. May I encourage you to love them and let them go? People who really want to live in their message and beliefs will face their own internal demons. We all have them, but it is a choice to be controlled by them or to be released from them. Life is short. Focus on the people who add value to your life and who want to work through conflict with you. The people who will openly share when they are hurt and talk about it. The people who won't let petty things, or really even big things, stop a friendship. The ones that are okay with building walls under a pretense of boundaries, let them. They are ultimately hurting themselves, not you. I get it is hard to see that. And I get it may hurt you deeply in the process too. I've been there, more times then I wish didn't have to remember, but I can tell you, when you focus on those around you that want you in their life, when you keep staying the course and being diligent in the areas you need to be, you will see results and it will change what matters to you. You most likely will come away with a different perspective as you will see the mask and fakeness the friendship really had because love never fails. Remember, it all starts with love. #TheSassyVoice #LoveOnPurpose #CircleOfFriends #RelationshipsMatter