Thursday, June 29, 2017

poem ~ I am Human

It's weird how
you can open up and show,
The deepest part 
of your beautiful soul,
And yet the way it is received
isn't as you dared to hope it'd be.

How come it makes
some run and hide from you,
Or simply avoid you completely
like they never knew you,
Ohhhhh how I wish I knew
to break this wall with love for you.

Then there are others who feel it gives 
them liberty to judge you for what you do,
As if they've got no crap 
of their own to work through,
But then there's those who really want to see 
the deepest part of who you be.

It hurts like hell
sometimes it's true,
To just live this life 
and vulnerability pursue,
When really I'm just 
as human as you.

So maybe if
you'd stop and see,
It takes courage 
to daily write this free,
And share these thoughts 
from the real feelings in my heart.

Maybe if you knew
that I'm still a work in progress too,
You'd stop and be a bit more kind
and not criticize this heart of mine,
For I honestly have my own fears
they just might not look like yours do.

I hope you may learn
just a little clue,
About how to love
and be a friend that's true,
Extending it with some grace
for it makes life feel a lot more safe.

© Misty W Gilbert
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