Thursday, February 25, 2016

the cost of vulernability

Being vulnerable comes at a cost.
It is a cost of removing that mask that you think you like on yourself. The one that you have to change depending on who is standing in front of your face. For the one who couldn't bear seeing the raw beauty of your face.
It is a cost of showing people who you really are, not who you think people want you to be or are expected to be or dreamed you wanted to be or thought you were.
It is a cost of baring your soul, all of your soul.
It is a cost of facing rejection.
It is a cost of not being understood, believed, or accepted.
It is the cost of being condemned for your truth.
It is the cost of losing people you thought were on your team, by your side, one of those go to peeps.
It is the cost of leaving behind everything you have ever known.
It is the cost of knowing that the truth is more important than the lies that surround being fake.
It is the cost of believing there is more in store for you by never going back to those masks.
It is the cost that you pay for being an original.
Will you join me in being vulnerable? Will you remove your mask so I can see your soul? Will you realize that those that reject you do not love you? Will you embrace freedom?
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laying down the performance-mentality...

Laying down the performance-mentality feels so vulnerable because you’ve learned to use performance as a safety net in life. It’s something you can fall back on to feel good in the moment.
But to develop a real connection to yourself, the people you love and the work you do means laying the actor aside and allowing the real you to be fully seen! - Brandon Hawk
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