Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My dear Misty

My dear Misty Gilbert,

I have promised to never leave you or forsake you. Why do you act like you are all alone? I see everything. You don't have to act like I am not aware. I know more then you give me credit for. What if you tried to see it from my perspective? What if you remembered that I am in control? What if you realized I have already won this battle?

I know it hurts. It hurts like hell. Your heart has been punctured yet again, driving the wound deeper. Making you question things you shouldn't. Making you doubt and loose your strong courageous heart. You know the truth in these dark days you are facing. Will you seek the light in me? Or will you turn your face to the darkness? I have promised to guide you. Will you give me a chance?

You sing worship songs that you trust me, that you love me, that you believe in me. Will you walk this out? Not just in music but in your daily life, with courage? Yes, I am asking you to have more courage then you have had to date. Today, in the midst of challenges, in the unknown, I want you to believe you are loved.

What if I want to see your faith in action? What if I want to see you be brave? What if I am asking you to be bold? What if all of this was preparing you for the next Chapter that I want you to walk through? What if you really, truly, believed that I am in control of all things? What if you took hold of these truths to a greater level? What if you didn't hold back?

Will you let me love you? Will you let me show you how much I care? Will you give me the place I want in your life? Or will you shove me out? I don't make empty promises to you. I have never let you down.

Quit letting people take you back to somewhere I took you away from.

Quit letting people put you in a box you don't belong in.

-Quit letting other peoples opinions of you define what you think, how you feel, what you do, what you say, and how you live!

I am working a deep beautiful amazing and marvelous plan in you. Will you let me perfect this in you or will you let them destroy you?

I pray today that you will go forward, with more courage, more love, more hope, and more determination to fight the good fight, to be all in the game, to not be discouraged, to pursue me with your whole heart because I am for you and have never been against you! I honestly LOVE YOU and don't need you to prove anything in our relationship.