Sunday, October 19, 2008

Missouri Trip with Jodi & Linda in the Motorhome

Friday, October 17th...
I met up at Jodi & Linda's house along with the other travelers, Steve & Betty Roy with Sheldon & Courtney, Stephanie & Jean Jones, Allison King and me and of course Jodi & Linda. We were on the road at 9.30am or so, there after once Jodi had finished giving Jean a lesson in math. Jodi began the trip by giving us "traveling instructions" as to emergency exits, how to safely position yourself in a sudden stop, lock the doors, etc. We all laughed about that for some time, though this was good and needful it was a funny experience and we teased Jodi about being the "pilot" and onboard with "sudden pressure change and oxygen masks being released" and "making way for the beverage cart". I worked for about 4.5hrs on the road using my boss (Perry's) remote Verizon broadband card so that I was able to get some work done on Perdue's electronic claims...boy was it was really neat to be able to work like that on the road!!! Since this was my first Saturday to take call, I would need access to our system to schedule appointments so he loaned it to me and I made use of it. We chatted, ate snacks (many of them not on my diet!) and got in about 5.15pm and gave Jodi a big round of applause for keeping us safe on the road and finishing it off by pulling into a tight driveway next to many cars at Brian and Casey's where the wedding was to take place out in their side yard. Steve setup the sound system and the rest of us went to Bill & Polly's for a steak dinner that they were putting on for everyone out of town that was not involved in the wedding. Bill gave us a tour of the house, and Polly finished up the tour after dinner showing us her many beautiful green plants and the history behind them. Many people were there and it would be hard to remember who all was there. Dinner was absolutely delicious and I stuffed myself so full that I had no room for dessert!!! I ate next to Sheila Harp and we had a good little chat...and of course, I went to bed late. ;)

Saturday, October 18th...
was a bit lazy, I tried to sleep in but between the fits of my allergies and the guys in the basement making noise, that didn't happen. Polly had fixed egg burritos and had breads too. I ate some cold apple crips that I did not get the night before. After breakfast, I checked emails while the ladies went to town, and then got ready for the wedding. It was cool up there, much cooler than it was here in Texas. The wedding for Stephen Brusby and Tiffany Burgland was simple, 5 wood wreaths with ribbon holding them up and tied to black wrought iron polls with hooks on the end placed across "the stage" and a few white paper lanterns hanging in the yard from trees. The isle was plain, nothing down it or around it. Each bridesmaid carried a small nosegay style of flowers and their dresses were brown, every ones a different style, with most having a cream sash. Each "special friend" carried one white gerber daisy with brown centers, each wearing brownish tones. The groom and groomsmen wore white shirts with a rusty khaki pant. Some instrumental music and many songs. The wedding party all pulled together at the end and sang With Grateful Hearts. It was really neat! That was one of my favorite parts. Tom Roy gave the wedding and did a great job. There was no cake, just chips and salsa. Probably 125 people or so total. There was a fair amount of "family" there too from both sides. From here: Eric & Suzanna, Ryan & Alisha, me, Joy & her kids, Grove's, Steve & Betty, Jodi & Linda, Gomez's, Bradley's, many of the Jones girls, Adrianne, Judy, Phil & Gretchen, Russell & Barbara, Leslie, Mitch & Tammy, and I think thats it. Most people went out to eat at a buffet place they had reservations at. Judy & I sat together with the Grove's, Eric & Suzanna, Jodi & Linda and Steve & Betty. We had some good laughs. Jeff was starved and made a big deal out of it before we was too funny!!! From there everyone went back to the building to visit and play ball but ended up having a time of testimonies. I went back to the house with Polly & Lois and we cooked for Sundays lunch making potatoe casseroles, washing & tearing lettuce for salad, cubbing cheese, buttering bread, etc. We had these things along with brisket and sauce the next day. We finished five minutes or so before the men got back. We stayed up another 30minutes and then called it a night...believe me, it was late!

Sunday, October 19th...
Polly fixed sausage bisquits and gravy along with was so good! and then we were off to meeting. Marty spoke on the financial times and where your heart is. Lunch was yummy and then we hit the road, adding two more passangers, Anna King and Natalie Casler. Other than getting gas on the way out of town, we didn't stop. Jodi drove all the way there, on the way back, Steve, Jodi & I drove. We had safety going and coming which we were very thankful for especially after a few wrecks on the way home. It was a very fun, fun, fun trip getting to know everyone a bit better. We got in at Jodi & Linda's at 10:10pm and after I got my stuff together I beat it home to unload and go straight to bed.

I really enjoyed the time at Bill & Polly's. They have a nice house and setup to house many guests and they were very generous with this. I also had fun getting to know them better. Bill had fun teasing me saying my eyes were as big as Lois's dog and my ears too. I really hope Polly didn't wear herself out too much! THANK you Bill & Polly for all you did! and many thanks to Jodi & Linda for letting us ride with them and enjoy the time together.

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