Saturday, December 6, 2008

Continued Birthday Celebrations

Chef Joe Machalica with Misty

During the summer when we had the shrimp fest at the building, I was eating by Joe & Sandra Machalica and they told me that Joe makes the best coconut shrimp. Well, we got to talking about how we should do it for "our" birthdays since Joe and I share the same birthday. So, a month later Joe & I are still celebrating our birthdays! Joe made good coconut fried shrimp and he said I could invite a friend, so I invited Martha to join us. The four of us (Joe & Sandra and Martha & I) had a good time eating coconut fried shrimp to our hearts content along with coleslaw and frenchfries! I insisted that Joe & I get our pictures taken even though he was not crazy about the idea... ;)

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