Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Goals & Resolutions

I am subscriber to Glenn Shepard's weekly emails on Tuesdays, "Work is not for Sissies!" and I have his book "How to be the Employee Your Company Can't Live Without" that I also gave to each of my coworkers at both jobs at the end of last year. This year he asked us to write in our 2009 goals and resolutions and he would check with us 4 times throughout the year to see what our progress is. Here is what I submitted:

1. Get out of debt
2. Organize, cull, declutter, condense, minimize, etc my things in/around/at the casa
3. Exercise routine that works with my schedule
4. Work at simplifying schedule with greater efficiency at time management
5. Learn that I do not have to be "super woman"

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