Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wknd in Colorado...

to see the Baker Family...
For those that don't know, Connie Baker is my mom's younger sister. I have not seen them since I was 8years old. Ashley was a baby and I have not met nor seen Miranda or Blain.
After having seen the Jeans and Granpa & Granma...I felt I needed to soon go to see the Bakers. I made my plans in December for the middle of January. Suddenly the weekend was here!

I flew out Friday night, January 16th, at 08.20pm. I rushed home from work to leave my car in the garage, zip up the suitcase and go with Judy Lane to the airport. I arrived on time and proceeded thru security. This time, they would not let me on with the same items I took on my last trip over the Thanksgiving deodorant was .1 oz to large and my hair gel bottle too, though it was nearly empty they didn't give a rip. So instead of letting them throw my items in the trash and have to get more when I got arrived in Denver, I decided the $15 to check my bag was not worth the stress of trying to obtain them when I got there. ;) After I went back out front to check my bag and back thru security, I felt pressed for time and rushed to my gate. I hung around for a bit and then saw that they had posted the departure time for later and then my nerves decided to get worse. So I texted Dustin and told him I was nervous and of course he calmly told me not to stress about it and that I would have a good time! Such a pro he is at being calm. :) My plane left 30minutes late, so this gave me time to get a bite to eat at the airport and I went with chinese food, veggie bowl with meat on top. This was my first time ever to go to Colorado and also my first time at the Denver Airport. My American Airlines flight arrived in Denver, CO and I was greeted by Shawn, Connie and Ashley. It was dark, so I didn't get to see much scenery, but we visited on the drive home and they showed me different things as we drove thru the town. Upon arrival, we decided to eat some ice cream...and I also met Blain. Uncle Shawn insisted he give me a hug, which he did with reluctance. ;) Miranda was already in bed as she wasn't feeling very well. We sat around in the kitchen talking and stayed up until 2am my time!

The next day, I was up about 09.00am and we had breakfast shortly. Miranda felt bette so she came upstairs for breakfast. Breakfast was cinnamon rolls, grapefruit, and bacon. We spent most of the morning sitting around the breakfast table visiting and trying to catch up on events in each others lives over the last 23-24years. We then went for a walk down to the park not too far from their house. This is the picture Uncle Shawn took of us standing in their driveway before we took off.

The weather was much warmer than I had anticipated. I had checked earlier in the week when I started my packing and at that time it was int he 30's with the weekend temperatures anticipated at being in the low 50's but I think it was much warmer than that. So therefore, all the warm sweaters, tights, gloves, scarves and what not that I brought I didn't need one of them! Luckly, last minute I had thrown in my San Diego light sweatshirt or I donno what I would have done. The walk was really pretty thru a park with a view of mountains in view. I miss the mountains! We came back and ate lunch and visited some more throughout the afternoon. Aunt Connie would not let me help cook, so I felt like a loose end to some degree.

Saturday nights they have singing and a bible study with any that want come to their place and participate. We had to rush to finish our dinner in time for this event at 06.45pm. They never know who all might come and this night we only had Nathan (Miranda's boyfriend) and Deren. We sang in the front room that had the piano for about 25minutes or so. I knew all the songs, but the first two. Nathan sang a solo and played the guitar while he sang. It was a neat song about Friends. We then moved to the family room in the back of the house and Uncle Shawn shared some things from John 5, about the sick man by the pool, Isaiah, and Psalms. There were comments by some of us as Shawn asked for how we related to what he had read. We then spent the rest of the evening playing and having a blast at a game called Dutch Blitz that Deren had brought with him. I am not a big game person, especially since I live by myself and also because at home these times of games were usually a forced session of family time, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Ashley & Blain had played this game before, but it was new to both me and Uncle Shawn & Aunt Connie. Ashley and I pretty much stood the entire game. At first it was sort of a joke between us and we laughed about it with each other, but then we really felt like we could play better if we stood up to view our cards. I won the first round and Deren won the second. I texted Dustin thru the whole game to make him feel apart as he was sorry he was missing out on all the fun! Miranda called him and put him on speaker but I didn't get to talk to him too much because I was trying to stay focused on my game. Would have loved to have had him there...but maybe another time all us cousins can be togther.

.....this is a picture of us around the breakfast table playing Dutch Blitz

Nathan & Miranda visiting on the couch...they did not play the game with us. ;)

Oh, and yes, we were up up late again! :)

The next day, I was the last to get up...I was so dead! I think from the emotional workout and then also I was really just worn out from the last few weeks of working on year end at 1st Eye Care, plus my throat really hurt. I was awakened by my phone vibrating from Lacey wanting to know how my weekend was going and wishing she was there with Ashley, Miranda and I. We texted for about 30minutes and then I told her I must get up and not be lazy bones and waste the day away with them wondering what was wrong with me. They were already eating breakfast, and I joined them. We had tortilla eggs, hashbrowns and oranges. We then sat in the front room and looked at pictures of my house and a few other things so that they could picture me here in Texas. Then some of the girls they met came over as they were back in town and I got to meet Jasmine, Ellie and Ester. (Jasmine went with them to the California December Camp 2008).

Jasmine, Ellie, Ester

Time was running out fast and I felt I had not learned all I wanted to about them. We then had nachos for lunch before we rushed to leave for the airport.

the last day...a family photo

We didn't leave much time to sit and have a last minute visit at the airport as I needed to get my bag checked and have enough time to get thru security; even though Ashley wished they could come inside with me, we did our goodbyes at the curb and I promised I wouldn't cry in front of them...and I kept my word! ;) I made it to the gate just in time as they were beginning to call the groups to load the plane. Its hard to try to spend a quick weekend getting to know people and then leave again when you feel like there is so much you don't know and you just have begun to connect...but this is life. I really did have a good time and I am thankful for the opportunity to have gone to see them in their home and share with them in their faith and belief in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ashley & last hug...

Aunt Connie, Me & Uncle Shawn

until next time, goodbye my friends & family...
Martha picked me up at the airport and we stopped and had dinner at Cheddars. I got home about 10.30pm and checked a few emails and crashed.

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