Saturday, May 30, 2009

Scary Drive Home

Yesterday was the wedding for Gentry Cotten & Carrie Moore. I got off work at 4pm, rushed to the grocery store to get ingredients for my Spinach Artichoke Dip & home to mix it up, jump in the shower and get ready to leave - hopefully by 5.30pm for Pecan Plantation. I left at 5.45pm and dropped my appetizer off at Brian & Shelley's house and headed to the wedding held at Drex & Bethany' was a nice evening even in spite of the little bugs I constantly felt crawling all over me about to drive me insane! Larry Balderson gave the ceremony and I appreciated his thoughts of Patience & Kindness being the pillars of love. The way he brought these two things out I thought was interesting and I wish to focus on this even more in my life with my relationships. Afterwards, I visited with many feeling like I have not had a chance to catch up with them with my schedule of late. I headed to enjoy the rest of my evening at Brian & Shelley's as they hosted the event out on the patio by their pool. They have done an incredible job at their yard (for which maybe someday I can have myself and won't be envious of) and the food was yummy! Yes, I cheated twice...I ate a half of piece of Chocolate Cake and Hawaiian Cheese good!!! All in all, it was an enjoyable evening and I took myself home about midnight.

But...........I had the scare of my life driving home. I took the road back to Hwy 377 and up to FM1187. After I passed the intersection of FM1187 & CR1902...I was followed by two cars either dealing with road rage or out to have an exhilarating experience in a scary way. I do not know which, but it scared me to death! I mean it!!! The highway is a two lane road with a large center median for turning and ample shoulder space on the sides. These two vehicles would follow each other at breath taking speeds with little room between them or ride neck to neck side by side making the oncoming traffic the other way swerve to avoid them while attempting to pass me and the person in front of me. At one point the car following slowed way down, but then so did the car in front. This freaked me out again. I didn't know whether to slow down, stop, move over onto the shoulder or if they would even see me if I did this! I was very, very, very unnerved. I didn't know whether to call the police, or just speed very, very, very fast home. I was shaking so bad. At one point the car in the lead was even with me and kept riding that way...I wouldn't look...couldn't look, what if they had a gun? I sped up a little and a little more until I was ahead of him again as I was near my turn off. This whole ordeal went on until I turned off FM1187 at FM731. As these two vehicles approached me as I was turning, they had decided to roll down their windows and come to a near stop in the intersection...I didn't stay to see what happened, I just scurried around the corner and home glad that I had the degree of safety I had. I still don't know what was the best way to handle this situation, but the adrenaline rush at that hour of the night, was more than enough to do me in!

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