Monday, September 7, 2009

September 2009 Big Country Camp

Saturday, September 5th, 2009
I headed up to Big Country Camp with Sylvia Woodall. I had hoped to get on the road about 7.30-8am...but I woke up so tired, I decided not to rush like a mad woman about trying to get on the road so I could be at camp in time for meeting. We left Burleson about 9am and had an uneventful drive sharing stories about work and life in general. We arrived to camp about 11.45am and meeting was still going. We got to hear part of Marty Jean's message on Confession. From there, it as lunch. I spent awhile visiting with a few individuals, and had a good long visit with Kay Bishop & Sherry Hudson and we talked business and shared stories about working with staff and the public in the healthcare industry. I then headed to the dorms to get my bed all setup. Then it was time for dinner. Then meeting. Weyman Zelder spoke on Words of the Tongue. It was an excellent message...very good reminders about the ways we can help or hinder in what we say.

a few notes from that message:
The power He has given His people...all for our benefit & for His glory. Death and Life are in the power of the tongue. A word aply spoken. For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (a good heart vs an evil heart). Prepare the heart...your words reveal who you are. If you control your tongue you can control the whole body. Our heart has to begin with Jesus. That you may know how to answer. Every idle word. Let my words and meditation be acceptible.

Sunday, September 6th, 2009
I woke up about 4.30am in horrific pain. I wasn't sure what was wrong with me, I knew I had gone to bed not feeling well, but I knew if the pain continued much further, I was going to have to wake someone and get them to take me in to a clinic or hospital to get checked out. Thankfully, that didn't last. After everyone woke up, Brenda & Betty were concerned that maybe I was having an appendicitis attack since the extreme pain was on my right side. I decided to lay in bed and try to get a bit more sleep before meeting. I did this and felt some better. Jeff Grove spoke both the morning and evening message this day. Later in the day I had a talk with LuAnne Woods. She said I was probably either fighting kidney stones or a kidney infection. I visited with a group of ladies and we had a good time talking about thrift shopping, Dave Ramsey's program that I took, how certain things are hard to find when shopping for different figures, etc. I also had a short visit with Brittney and also Shelley. As the day wore on, I got more and more exhausted and it was harder to cope, but I tried to do my best without complaining. ;) I laid down a couple times to make it thru and ended up leaving the evening meeting about 11.30pm to head to bed because I just couldn't make it any more, the pain was bad and I needed my bed.

a few notes from the morning message:
Children sang "All that I need is my faith in Jesus, all that I need is my home above, all that I need is my Fathers mercy, all that I need is my Saviors love." Are you crucified with Jesus? Satan hates what Jesus Christ has done for me...but God is greater than Satan. Picture yourself at your will come quickly. Am I going to fear the Lord or do what I want to do & serve myself. We quickly forget I'm crucifed with Christ...our reasonable service. The filthiness of the world torrments us, draws us away, tempts us, etc. Does your life demonstrate that God is all you need (as the children sang)? Jesus brought life...the world brings heartach and scars. It is just the little things because it is a lack of walking in his ways. Don't live a life like Lot. Yes, God delivered him but he lost so much. Its time to clean house and rid ourselves of compromise. The narrow and difficult way brings blessings. Are you mixing godliness & worldliness? service & pleasure? Godliness is outward...contentment is inward. Satan is going to corrupt your picture of what you want thru your lusts & desires. The truth from Gods word is what makes your picture happen. You just get one time.

a few notes from the evening message:
The opportunity we have to get wisdom and understanding. Are you passed feeling? You can't have the world and have purity & respect for God. Expel the wicked person among you. Serve the Lord without distractions. Don't fall into the category of knowing God but not glorifing Him. God is faithful to His Word. When we get to the point Gods word is too strong for us, we have issues. There are consequences. Be constraigned by the word of God. Start with an understanding and stay on the job. Don't frustrate the work of God in your life. You have been forgiven and redeemed. My Savior will never think laughing at immorality is funny. Build an environment of sanctification to build soberness and carefulness. Prepare yourself so you will be victorious. Be a servant, care for those with a need for support.

Monday, September 7th, 2009
I slept in again and then began the process of packing up to head home. I was feverish and felt awful. I headed out a few minutes before 11am. I called a few people on my drive home to keep me going. The only two I talked to were Phyllis Fostrey and my Granma Omi as nobody else I called answered the phone. I got home and unloaded the car, then took a nap and spent the rest of the day resting because I was in too much pain. I had originally planned on coming home to get some work done, but that didn't happen.

All in all, camp was good and I am glad I went even though I was really tired and had physical pain to deal with.

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