Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 1 - Arrival to Cancun Mexico

Mid October I decide to get more information on the EntreLeadership event with Dave Ramsey that was to be held November 8-14th, 2009 in Cancun Mexico. After much research, consulting, interviews and information, I started making my plans. It was a bit complicated due to the fact that my California Birth Certificate was an Abstract Birth Certificate and therefore since it was not a certified copy, it would not be accepted by the Federal Government for a Passport to be issued. I had to get a Certified Copy ordered and rushed to me, so that I could move on to the next phase. Once I obtained that, I learned that since I was within the 4-6 week window of passport issuance, I had to wait until I was 14days out and visit the local office in Dallas Texas. In order to do this, you have to make and appointment and must present proof of travel (which means a purchased itinerary) or letter from your employer stating you were going on business. I didn't want to purchase a non-refundable airline ticket on an airline I had never previously flown on, until I had a passport in hand, but neither did I want to take the time off of work to drive to Dallas and get turned down and have to drive back, purchase a ticket and make another appointment with the Agency.. My boss wrote a letter and I purchased my airline ticket the day of my appointment to get my passport in Dallas, Monday, October 26th, 2009. I got it all in smooth order, so I then confirmed with Dave Ramsey's Team that I was going! What a moment!!!

Today, was the big day...Travels to Cancun Mexico for my very first time! I left the house a little after 7.30am with Jackie who kindly offered to take me to the airport. I made it through security with no issues and was the second traveler at the gate when the attendent informed us that due to the hurricane in the seas off of Cancun, our flight was delayed until 3.30pm...5.25 hours after it was supposed to have left! I didn't know what to do. I called Jackie to inform her of the delay, as we discussed my options, I decided to just hang at the airport. To have her come back for me (though she wasn't that far down the road) and then bring me back a few hours later, would cause a hassle for all involved and interrupt the plans others had to attend meeting and the chili cookoff out at Sam & Brenda's. It seemed to make more sense just to stay at the airport and if I didn't get to travel, then have someone come get me. I spent the time trying to nap as I was pretty tired, and then started my knitting & listened to my MP3 player. I got lunch at Fuddruckers, though it wasn't quite the same. We boarded about 2.45pm and were off right on the money at 3.30pm! The flight went well and I arrived in Cancun at 6pm, went thru customs with no issues, got my bag at baggage claim (I had carried on a second bag and my laptop in case the other bag didn't make it) and then the final gate check security where my bags got the "red light". They searched them and then let me on my way. I proceeded out thru the lobby and to the curb looking to find a black sign with the label: EntreLeadership in white on a black background/board. Here I was met by two of Dave Ramsey's team, Dave (video dude) and Matt (VP of Operations). I then learned there were 3 other couples on my flight who were attending the conference event also and we got acquainted with each other as we waited for the others to arrive and complete their process thru customs and baggage claim. We were loaded into a 16passanger van and taken on a 20minute fast scary drive in the dark to the Paradisus Riviera Cancun Resort, Upon arrival, the bell boys unloaded are luggage, we got checked in and then got our luggage tagged and we were taken to our rooms on a golf cart with it. They brought it into our room for us an pointed us in the general direction of where we were to go. I quickly took a quick peak of my room and unloaded all my hangups into the closet so the wrinkles could fall out. I wanted to shower and change clothes, but the event had started at 5.30pm and it was now a bit after 7pm and I just wanted to head that way so I didn't miss Dave's introductory speech. I left my room and headed the way I thought the bell boy had pointed...20minutes later, I found the banquet room! Everyone had eaten and Dave was just getting ready to get up on stage. I quickly went thru the buffet line and sat down at a table with some of the couples on my flight and three of Dave's team, Matt and Chris & Debbie.
Dave Ramsey's speech, EntreLeadership defined:
(a few of the nuggets I got out of the time)
The leader builds the team. Think of an excellent leader, what would an excellent leader look like? If you are going to be a leader, this has to be you! Servant Leadership is the only kind of leadership that works.

After Dave's speech, our table was asked to come and answer a few questions on camera that would be displayed later the next day at the beginning of each lesson. I got to know those 3 couples a bit more and what they did while we all hung out in the hallway by the pool and took turns having the spotlight on us and answering the questions Chris Mefford posed to us. After that, I went to my room and called it a night...thoroughly exhausted from my day of travels and class was to begin at 8.30am the next day.

and yes, because I know you are asking this question...the photos on the above link to the resort are exactly what it looked like when I arrived!

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