Friday, February 12, 2010

BIG Texas Snow!!!

Texas has been having record snow fall yesterday and today! 
It is so pretty as it covers every little thing.  I love watching the snow fall...just wish my office had a window so that I could enjoy the pretty flakes as they delicately find their place to stack up ontop of each other.  I loved the trees, they were gorgeous!!! The first few our ones in my yard and the other ones at the bottom of the post are neighbors right around my place.
I can't help but reflect how this is really a vivid picture of the verse:
"Though your sins be red like crimson, they shall be white, like snow!"  

I share with you some photos from my place that I quickly snapped before work this morning...yes, we are open.  We closed early yesterday, and opened late today.  The plan is to stay open as long as possible.  We still have to work, no slacking just because it snowed. :)  Would have loved to have gotten more good shots...

P.S.      My photos for some odd reason defaulted to the year of 2008...its not, it really is 2010!!! The last pictures I took were accurate over New Years so what made it go crazy on me???  Who knows!

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