Sunday, February 21, 2010

company for lunch!!!

It is February, and to keep to my goal of having company for lunch once a month, I made plans to have company for lunch today!  A week ago, I invited Steve & Betty (who had to cancel on me once before when I invited them), Jon & Tracy and Terry.  All seemed to be going pretty smooth as I rushed around this morning getting things ready and put together, until I cut my finger deeper than I have ever cut it with my lovely knives...I could not get the bleeding to stop, wasn't sure if it would ever quit, but I had no time to stop and go to a clinic for it to get stopped...I did my best to wrap it in gauze and paper tape several times.  It greatly prevented my speed at finishing my preparations before meeting, and did I tell you that it stung and hurt awful???

Menu: Minestrone Soup with Avacado & Tomato Provolone Cheese Melts and mini Banana Splits for dessert.

We had a nice time eating and visiting...I enjoy having company and am looking forward to next month.

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