Sunday, March 28, 2010

company ~ Caleb & Amy's wedding ~ sunday brunch

What a busy and fun weekend! 

Thursday, March 25th, 2010
Truman & Jessica along with Lacey & Melanie arrived about 7.45pm to my place after driving in from Arizona. 
I was working on our dinner of Rice Pasta Primavera, Rosemary Bread and Fruit Salad.  Once I finished meal preparations, we sat down and ate...visited a bit around the dinner table and then moved into the living room to visit until late in the evening.  Then they unloaded the truck and brought in their things, and we chatted some more.  Us girls (Lacey, Melanie &I) ate ice cream.  We got to bed about 1am. (Photo courtesy of Aunt Jessica Jean).

Friday, March 26th, 2010
I got up at 8am and quickly got ready to leave and go get my flowers at The Flower Market downtown Fort Worth.  When I got back, I made breakfast (Tortilla and Eggs with fruit) for us.  Uncle Truman had pretty much gotten the hang of my salt and pepper shakers now! :)  After breakfast, they headed out to spend the day with relatives and friends.  Martha came over about 11am and we started working on the flowers.  I didn't have as many as you can sometimes have or as I have done for other weddings, but the whole process took longer than expected.  The lovely Anemones were a bit finicky...the heads snapped easy and the curvy stems did not wish to cooperate, and if left out of the water for much time at all, they looked wilted.  As the day wore on, I realized I was not going to be able to make it to the rehearsal dinner.  We broke to go grab a quick bite of Mexican food at Antonio's and came back home to resume the project. Martha left about 11.30pm.  I kept working on stuff until Becca arrived to return vases she had borrowed for decorating.  While her and David were still at my place, my guests returned, and Dustin was with them.  I worked at getting Dustin's bed made up in the living room consisting of an air mattress and sleeping bags.  It was then I found I was missing a part for this borrowed twin air mattress.  I texted Martha and ended up making plans to meet Jackie halfway between her house and mine to get the needed motor.  Dustin and I got a few minutes to chat. On the way back, I stopped by Kroger to get the right size batteries as what I purchased was the wrong size.  All in all, I was up again very late, 2am!

Saturday, March 27th, 2010
The night flew by all to quickly and before I knew it, I was up at 8am and began working on the flowers after a quick shower. I knew I would not have too much time to finish and it was going to be a race against the clock to get the needed tasks done. 

Photo at left, courtesy of Aunt Jessica Jean.

Left my place at 10.30am to head to Weyman & Betty's to drop off the flowers.  The ribbon that hung down off of what I had tied on each of the bouquets slipped off when the girls held it and I had to do some repairs quickly to come up with a way to get it to stay.  Ellen gave me the suggestion to sew it in place (since my hot glue gun was back at the house) and I tried to work quickly to fix this problem on all 3 bouquets...this ended up taking 45minutes.  but I finished just as they were ready to pull out in the motor home!  Now off to drop off the arrangements at the building.  Then home to quickly put together a breakfast/brunch of Abelskiver's for we were starved!  Then while they got ready for the wedding, I put together the rest of the flowers I needed to get done.  This again took longer than expected and I worked up until 2.45pm on flowers. I ran and got a quick shower and put myself together and left the house at 3.25pm. I arrived at the building at 3.40pm, just 20minutes before the start of the wedding.  I rushed like a mad woman trying to get all the boutonniere's and corsages on each person before they were to walk down the isle.  My job was now done and I was ready to sit down, but there wasn't a was full!  Eventually I located a spot that was empty and got a place to sit and rest my weary feet.  As I collected my thoughts and took a deep breath to gather my bearings and enjoy the fact that my project was complete...I realized that I had not brought my camera with me and had not taken one picture of the flowers!  I could not believe in my rush and hurries that I forgot...but the fact was, I did!  But even in the midst of my sadness at forgetting my camera, I was so happy for Amy...she was getting married to the prince of her dreams!

Photo above courtesy of Amanda Stogsdills (I saved it from her post on Facebook - thanks Amanda!)...since I was cameraless.  Oh, and can you believe I also never got a picture taken with my friend, the bride???  After the ceremony, I borrowed Sheila Harp's camera and got some shots of the flowers, but some of them were not looking so pretty by this point.  I haven't received this from her yet, but when I do, I will upload them here on my blog. I got some short visits in with several different people.  Dinner was absolutely delicious!!!  Beef & Pork Tacos and Rice & Beans.  I was exhausted and had much yet to do to prepare for the next day, so I left at 9.30pm to head home.  I worked at getting all the flower mess that was strewn all over the kitchen & dinning and living room floors cleaned up. I did some cooking for the brunch to be held at my house the next day and picked up the house.  I crawled in bed at 11.30pm, about 15minutes before my guests returned.  My body was so tired and I had rushed all day, but sleep took its time at coming.

Sunday, March 28th, 2010
I was up again at 8am and this time in the kitchen cooking for all who were going to have brunch at my house:  Nelson & Shirley King, Jeff & Debbie Roy, Nathan & Kathy Johnson, and of course Truman & Jessica Jean.  Keith Jr & Denise Gardner stopped by after we had eaten to spend some time with them also.  There were 25 people in my place.  Everyone left a few minutes before 2pm to head to the building. I went thru the house to do a quick pickup and make sure that the Jeans did not leave anything behind (didn't realize until later that Aunt Jessica's Abelskiver pan got left in my oven to dry - so I will have to mail this to them unless my bag is light enough to take it with me on the plane in 2 weeks when I go to Colorado for Ashley's wedding)...then I was off myself to the building for meeting.  It was a great message by Larry Balderson and a meal following.  I stayed for a bit and enjoyed visiting with some of the out of towners, but then got to a point where I was just too exhausted and felt I must get home to get a few things in order and myself to bed at a decent hour to sleep before work the next day. Having company is a lot of work...and to do so while being involved in the wedding was challenging and complicated, but the whole weekend very rewarding and lots of fun too!

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