Tuesday, April 20, 2010

soon a baby girl for Travis & Sarah!

I used to work at the Cabbage Rose Quilting & Knitting Store where I taught knitting lessons and sewed demos for the store.  I made a really cute skirt out of Amy Butler fabrics that I cut into squares and sewed together (picture later if I can find one).  The skirt was cut out on the bias and was adorable.  Well, I had leftover squares sitting in my stash of fabric, so I decided to piece a baby quilt with them.  I started the project nearly 2 years ago for someone and never got it finished...the quilt top was done, but that was it.  So a few weeks ago when I was supposed to help with a baby shower (and ended up not doing very much because I got sick and couldn't), I realized that one of my friends due date for her first baby was rapidly approaching and I had started nothing yet!!!  So I dug in the project started stash drawer and pulled this unfinished quilt out!  Though Sarah is doing pink and white in her baby room, its is always fun to have a stack of blankets and quilts available for use, so I decided it was time to get it done and would be perfect for Sarah's little girl. I do not have pictures of the process, so you will have to imagine the process or if you want tips on how I did it, email me.

Travis & Sarah!!!

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