Thursday, May 6, 2010

another update on Terry

When I arrived tonight to see Terry, the nurse would not let me in because there were already two people in the room.  They had not done this with me before, so I was a bit shocked at her persistence even though I am family.  I think it might be because we pushed our luck with 5 of us in the room last night when we were doing the legal paperwork.  :) 

Mark & Bev were visiting, so Bev came out and she & I visited a bit in the hallway.  Mark came out a little bit later as the doctor wanted to talk to Terry.  After the doctor finished his talk with Terry, he came out and informed me that he has given the clearance for Terry to be moved from the CICVU to the Behavioral Health floor.  He said he had his physiatric evaluation today which went good.  When I asked for an update, he said he would refer to that doctor to give me his assessment but that he would recommed Terry be put through a program.  I then visited with Terry for about 10-15min while they finished preparing to get him transferred.  He didn't have lunch but did eat dinner.  He said Weymen Zelder had been by along with Russell Ross and Daniel Sollenberger over the lunch period.  Mark, Bev & I went with Terry to the third floor to get him settled.  We were only allowed in thru part of the process, the explanation part & paperwork process along with an explanation of the visitation process and rules. The nurse informed us that most people are there 3-5days as it is a transitional phase to the next step.It is much more restrictive on how they do things then even ICU.  You must have his ID# to be allowed in to see him or to even talk to them over the phone.  There is one hour and fifteen minutes a day Monday - Friday that he can have visitors, only two at a time and the nurse said they will not let more than two in period.  Saturday and Sunday there is a one hour period and the same hour and fifteen minutes of the weekday slot.  I don't think Terry was really thrilled about having to stay in the hospital but I think its the best thing for him right now.  It will be 24hours before I can see him again and I will continue to try to update everyone on where things are.

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