Monday, May 31, 2010

May Camp 2010

What did you this Memorial Day weekend? 

It is our annual christian camp retreat in Oklahoma and I had plans to attend.  I had offered Terry to go with me if he wanted unless he wanted to go with someone else.  The day before we were to leave, he called me and told me that he was not interested in going as he didn't want to be with a group of people that said "It's good to see you" and not mean it.  I told him that wasn't true, there are many that love him and want to encourage him and are very glad he is still alive and participating with us.  He went on to say that he feels he is not physically, mentally or spiritually well and therefore didn't belong at the camp.  I told him we all need the encouragement and refreshing time spent in Gods Word and that each of us go for this reason.  He stayed pretty gloomy in his thoughts so I contacted both Jeff & Weyman not knowing what to do from here, but knowing that I didn't feel that I could leave him alone all weekend with his current state of thinking.  He ended up having a talk with Jeff and breakfast with Weyman and got "talked out of it" as he said to me later. 

Terry & I were on the road about 08:00am Saturday morning and headed for camp.  We left a little later than planned as he had forgotten to turn off his air conditioner and I was still getting a few things prepared for snacks on the road.  We stopped and got ice at Sonic and some breakfast and then were off.  We made good time even with four stops along the way...I swear that guy has no bladder!  We did our meals with Mark & Bev and had a good time just being lazy and chilling outside or in the camper.  We stayed at Sheila Harp's place.  It was definately blasted hot there!  We headed home Monday morning about 08.15am and again made good time with only 3 stops.  I asked Terry if he had a good time and was glad he came on Sunday when we were driving back to camp from Sheila's. He said he wouldn't say that he was glad he came but that he had had some good conversations.  Well, sounds to me that makes a good time especially with all he has going on right now in his head! I am glad he went and feel it was a good experience for him.  I personally didn't come away with any one highlight but a few nuggets that I wish to reflect on.

He will have his evaluation with the rehab center this next Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010. He has not been taking his medicine consistently, by his own doings.  Consequently the Texas Department of Rehabilitation will not release him back to work at Goodwill until he is stable for 30days.  He has an appointment with his counselor in about 30days.  Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he works thru some things.  It is a day to day thing as to his outlook on life and his demeanor. 

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  1. I just have to add what a Blessing it was to have both you and Terry at my house! I look forward to "our" weekend together-- as soon as we can both fit it in!

    In Christ,