Tuesday, May 11, 2010

sharing a note of encouragement to me...

Over the last week, I have received multiple text messages, emails, phone calls, facebook messages or comments and I am going to share one that I got at 5am this morning that really meant something to me when I read it at 6.45am when the alarm went off:

Misty, this is ==========. I know I have not had communication w/you for some time...My times with you and the love you showed toward me will never be forgotten.  I appreciate your honesty and sincerity and still remember your ways of encouraging me.  I have been praying for Terry, you, Mindy and your family since I heard of Terry's condition on Sunday.  I have wanted you to know that the power of prayer has been very real in my life and I have seen it in work this last month especially.  I pary for God's comfort to be felt by each of you @this time.  I love you like a big sister and to know the pain your family is going through saddens my heart.  I was lying in bed praying and remembered that I may have your # in my phone.  I hope this reaches you. I love you Misty, take care - =====


  1. Misty - what a blessing! Do tell who it was! I have a guess. Love, jeannine

  2. Yes, it was a blessing, thats why I wanted to share. :) Your guess might be right, but not knowing if the person would want there name on the web, I will message you who it is.