Monday, May 17, 2010

updated on Terry

Terry has been home from the hospital now a week...he has not felt too well and is not sure some of it isn't his new medicine.  I have tried hard to encourage him to just be patient, take the needed time to rest and nap, just relax and in time he will feel better.  His doctor okayed that he discontinue one of his medications that he is pretty sure is making him feel pretty crummy, so as of tonight he will not take that dose.  We will see in a few days how he is feeling after doing this. He hasn't been too motivated to do much of anything.  He will not be able to work for a month until he is stable on his medications.  My goal right now is to encourage him, do something with him 1-2x's weekly to give him something to look forward to.  I think he is a little bit bored because I am getting lots of calls from him.  Hopefully he will feel like doing some things in a few days. I believe this will help is outlook and motivate him a little if he could be distracted from his blah state.  We were scheduled to have dinner at Russell & Barbara's tomorrow night but Russell is sick so that has been canceled.  I asked Terry if he would like to come to my place for dinner since we already had the evening planned and set aside for this, he said that sounded like fun.  I asked him what he was hungry for and told him that I would fix whatever he wanted...he has chosen breakfast: eggs. hashbrowns. sausage. and I will add fruit.  Yummy!   

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