Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2nd Quarter progress on 2010 Resolutions

...results on personal goals
#1 begin each day in prayer that God direct me in my path & integrity of my heart; remember Sunday is renew your spirit day, no business work stuff - doing
#2 create and implement Balance in all areas of the wheel of life (spiritual, physical, intellectual, family, social, career, and financial - each of these have goals within them) - in process of achieving this
#3 organize, cull, condense, minimize, sell or use up things in & around the casa - attack a section of a room each week for 30minutes - doing
#4 lead a quiet life, one that creates peace; remove anything that doesn't contribute to this - this is a process
#5 read 2 &/or listen to 2 audio books a month, at minimum - doing
#6 make a list of things that need to be fixed, completed, or started on my house with regards to repairs/maintenance improvements - get two done a month - still in progress to achieve this, have some months, haven't some months
#7 resume monthly piano lessons & establish a schedule for piano practicing - started & plan to resume at the moment
#8 health: commit to a workout schedule 3-4 times weekly; log into daily; resume diet with no wheat, sugar or tans fats; take all vitamins & supplements daily; get 8hrs or more of sleep - still trying to achieve this
#9 email my friends weekly - not done very well at 
      write my friend in prison once a month - done
      entertain company once a month - done
#10 pay off 2nd mortgage by the end of 2010 - on schedule so far

...results on business goals
#1 website - completed today (June 30th, 2010)
#2 create P&P Manual  - still in progress of creating
#3 review EntreLeadership materials quarterly - doing
#4 enroll in accounting courses - have not reached this or enrolled
#5 quarterly check in with EntreLeadership friends - doing
#6 help employer achieve financial goals - doing to the best of my ability for the areas I can control
#7 complete all back filing for employer - still in progress
#8 encourage positive thinking, support and morale - doing
#9 review & define motivation, delegation, responsibility, accountability, and authority in my position so that I have a clear picture in view to stay focused on what I expect of me - still in progress
#10 as a leader, I must be different - realizing this and attempting to do

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