Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CHECK OUT the giveaway!!!

Who wants two 12mm black pearl lariats from Nastro Bello Jewelry worth $1200 .... or maybe a better question would be, who wouldn't want these?

Ok, Ok ... so how do you win them?

Go visit this blog here and follow the directions.

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I am entering the contest...I don't anticipate winning, but I found the question a fun one and since I have not taken "after" pictures since purchasing my house 3years ao, I thought this might be a good way to start and motivate me to continue - so that I can finish that scrapbook! 
The Inn at Crestview is no model home, not one of those places in a well todo neighborhood, with that all put together everything in its place look, along with that everything completely how you want it style.......BUT I absolutely love my room and my bed!!!

Let me tell you why this is my favorite room, it is: 

Always inviting to me.
A vintage shabby style I adore that reminds me of my favorite shop.
A place to curl up and read a book.
A place to lay your tired head and take a 2hr nap on Sunday afternoon.
A place to spend time in prayer and ask God to be with you.
A place to run to and cry your heart out.
A place to dream about tomorrow.
A place to bring your laptop and get lost on the internet.
A place to talk on the phone with your friend, nestled up against the fluffy pillows.
A place to get some long needed rest and bring conclusion to the day.

The metal decoration is part of a screen door that I got at a old coworkers yard sale for $5.00 6years ago.  I have 3 sets of sheets that I alternate with which changes up the look of the bed a little bit every week: pink floral ones that are on the bed right now, a green stripe set of Rachel Ashwell, and a white ruffle set of Rachel Ashell.  Some of the pillows I have made, some I have bought, and a couple of them have alternate sides.  I also have some deep red pillows that I alternate with the red and pink in the winter season.

Thank You Blayne for your thought provoking question!

The entry deadline is June 23rd at midnight...then we will see the 5 top entries that can be voted on.  I for sure will be checking back to cast my vote...will you???
will you post what your favorite room is in your casa?


  1. What a sweet post. I could curl up there so easily too. Isn't is wonderful to have a place that means so much to you and that is so welcoming and comforting. I can see why this is a favorite space.

  2. I love this post! What an awesome bed :) Makes me want to take a little nap. Thank you for entering the contest :)