Thursday, July 8, 2010


One of my blogging friends wrote an excellent post today.  It struck me how easily she can write what she is thinking, what she is feeling, and simply just share what is on her heart.  Am I afraid to do this?  Do I open myself up for God's soul searching and pruning of me?  If you want to read the full post, you can do so here, but I want to share with you the main thought (copied from her blog with permission):

You are enough because of Me.

The biggest hurdle for me right now, today, is to get it through my thick skull and scarred up heart that I am enough because of Him.  There is no “if only” or “but” or “however” or any of that… that’s it. I am enough because of Him.

Lord God, please snap the prefixes off my [in]security and [un]belief. I want to walk in the security and fullness You came to give me, and never doubt it one second.

Thank you Heather for your post! May the Lord bless you greatly as you open your heart and strive to please him...

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  1. Thanks so much Misty! I'm grateful to know you via these unconventional social media outlets :) God bless, friend!