Friday, August 27, 2010

my life has been changed...

As you are aware, it has been a week since I lost my job last Friday, August 20th.  Though this was a complete shock to me and left me amazed that no matter how good of a service you do for someone, they will cut you loose with no warning.  It was sad that I did not have a chance to tell my coworkers goodbye and wish them well, but I know they know that I am rooting for them even if we are no longer a team.  I have faith and know that God has a plan for my life.  It wasn't in "my plan" to be jobless, but I believe that all things work together for good, when you love and seek God. 

So many of you have been such a support to me!  There is no way I could post all the comments and encouragement, but I don't want to forget some of them and thought I would share some of them with you:

I've had you on my mind lately...Praying!  Heather

Praying for peace for you...Sheila

Love u.  Behind u.  Judy

Just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you.  You are a winner and you will land on your feet. Not even worried about you.  Bev

Girl you will be fine!! You are so smart and talented!!  Some things in life we just don't understand but just keep your chin up and move forward.  We still love ya!!  Kelly

Taking each step by faith is sometimes hard, but He will be there for you each step along that path, leading and guiding you.  I know you know that!  Stacy

Praying for you.  Romans 8:28  Dustin

A conscious clean before God, and an earnest desire to follow His leading will give you peace.  Truly Misty, I pray that you will soon find another door open to you with a job that will be a more emotionally healthy environment for you.  Barbara

Consider yourself hugged!!!  Uncle Gib

You are a trooper and a survivor...I know this is a shock.  Will keep you in our prayers!  The trials of life are hard and one day they will be over!!  You are smart and resourceful so I know that you will find something, but most importantly stay in tune with the Lord and listen for His direction in your life.   Diane

For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.  Plans for good and not for evil, to give you hope and a future.  Jeremiah 29:11  Just wanted you to know I'm keeping you in my prayers. I love you so much and I know God has something great planned for you! ((HUGS))   Rose

On another note...always pursue all options, you never know what will come from a request! What do I mean by this?  I called my Internet provider, explained that I had been a customer for 2 years and always paid on time, could they lower my rate?  When they said that they didn't have any promotions going on currently for existing customers, I explained that I had lost my job and I would not be able to afford the monthly service rate and would be forced to consider other Internet options.  So what did they do?  Transfer me to the Retention Department who yes, worked with me!  I was presented with two options:  $10.00 off or a full 12month or 50% off for 6months (both w/the very same options).  I opted for the 2nd option because that was still $15.00 a more in bottom line savings.  I then researched my cell phone providers plans online and got the same plan and options at $30.00 less a month.  So what am I trying to tell you?  Don't sit back and wait for the discounts to come to proactive, ask, all they can say is no and remember being jobless has benefits...SWEET!

What is my plan from here???  To pray daily for Gods guidance in leading me on my journey!  In the meantime, I will live as this song says: have faith.  believe.  through hard times and good.  have faith.  he will work it out.  he'll work all things for good.  have faith.


  1. Wonderful! Yep, you'll make it. I like Rose's verse Jer. 29:7. Perfect!

  2. I was bummed to hear you lost your job. Well I know how capable you are. This closed door will likely lead to another open door. I'll keep you in my prayers. Lana

  3. Darlene...thanks for the encouragement!

    Lana...I was very bummed too friend! Send me your email so we can stay in touch.

    God has a plan - I have faith though I don't see the path to my journey, I know that He is with me.