Saturday, October 16, 2010

Massive Multi-Family Garage Sale

I had a pile of stuff in the garage that I wanted to sell and get rid of.  Over the last few weeks, I have been going thru closets, cupboards, drawers, boxes and pulling together anything I have not used since I moved into the house 3.5yrs ago (or do not need or do not want).  I had accumulated a nice size pile including an old front door, an antique secretary desk, embroidery sewing machine, old Singer sewing machine, a set of china, toaster oven, and much more.  Shelley invited me to be a participant at her sale in Pecan Plantation and I seized the opportunity!  I exchanged vehicles and borrowed Jeff's big monster 16 passenger van last night to load up everything and be able to make one trip out to Pecan Plantation.  Halfway out to Pecan Plantation, I remembered I forgot my beveled glass & dark wood room divider screen that I wanted to sell.  I was very irritated and upset with myself for forgetting such an important nice item that I thought would have a better chance of selling by being in such a nice neighborhood.  Since the drive out there is like 45-50minutes one way, and so I decided to forget it and realize I made a mistake by not doing a double check through the entire house after loading things up or making a list of the important things to remember so that I wouldn't have forgotten it.  There were several of us doing the garage sale together at Shelley's.  The whole front yard was covered in furniture and the driveway was completely lined with tables.  It was one packed sale!  The weather was very nice to draw the customers, quite cold in the morning and really pretty warm in the afternoon sitting in the sun...but we made $2500 total in the sale, of which I made $255.50!  I am very excited and happy to have made half a house payment!!!  Lots and lots of hard work, but it paid off!  Everyone donated their goods to my cause in the end and I will be doing another garage 2day sale in 2weeks, this time, at Bev's.  The big beast was completely packed!  My big goal is to make the remainder of my house payment at the next sale  - or at minimum to make another $100.  With all I had packed in that van, I think this is completely doable.


  1. Wow! Good for you...and thanks for taking my "big" item and selling it for me.

  2. Sales are so great. Hopefully I will be "in town" to go to yours. I would love to see it all. Helen