Monday, October 25, 2010

which way on this journey???

Today, I am having one of those days.  You know, one when you ask lots of questions that you don't have the answer to?  Yup...the ones that you wish you had that would give you a clue about your journey??? 

I took some time out this evening before meeting one of my employees at the clinic and did some emails...requesting that you pray for me.  I am now taking a moment to post my thoughts here in my online journal for online be able to pray also and know what is going on in my head right now too.  

I am having a hard time right now keeping my focus and believing God has a plan and will show me what I am to be doing with regards to work and creating a means of income for me...the question that I can't seem to answer is: am I to just get a job or will I get more clients? I landed a client a month ago, but to date they have used me minimally for consulting.  The weeks are starting to stack up since I lost my job.  The anxiety is starting to weigh in and the thought of how to make this decision is beginning to frustrate me.  If you can take a minute and ask the Lord to help me trust me to have more faith & believe that He truely does have a plan for my life...and ask him to show me what I need to be doing, I would appreciate it. I don't doubt that some of you have been, but right now, I seem to be struggling to maintain a good outlook with some recent turn of events.

I wish I could say that I was taking the time to get things caught up at home and enjoy the break from "work", but I haven't. I feel pressure to move to the next step and get money coming in. 

And today, I simply want wish I knew the answers to my journey.

I don't want to end this post without Thanking You for your Friendship, Love and Support!

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