Saturday, November 27, 2010

donating plasma

This week I donated plasma...for the first session on Wednesday and my second session today.  The center that I went to is one in dowtown Fort Worth and I know a nurse that works there, I used to work with her at the Pediatric Clinic.  You get paid $35 for the first donation and $45 for the second donation done in a 7 day window.  You can donate every 7 days and get paid more for your second donation then your first ($20 - $25 for the 1st and $30 to $35 for the 2nd depending on your weight).  They send the units off in sets of 2 so that is why they encourage the donations as they have it structured.  I did really well the first a little sleepy while doing it but other than that I was fine. I came home and slept for 30 minutes and felt refreshed.  Today, I have been more tired and I think it is because of staying up late and being so busy on Thanksgiving let alone the stress that has gone on the last few days with Terry.  I have taken two 90 minute naps and still feel tired, but I want to make sure I sleep tonight.  I am planning to do this bi-weekly for now as I am not sure my body can do it each week, but it would bring in $50 to $55 a week if I can.  The income is not taxable and doesn't take too much time to do, so I plan to try to do it as much as I can and not put stress on my body.  I am told you only get $15 to donate blood, plus if you do that, then you can't donate plasma but every 58 days.  I am told to do this is actually good for your body as it forces it to make new.  I want to research it a bit more to find out what all the benefits are besides helping out the healthcare system and a way to make money.

Have you donated plasma before?  Would you consider it?  If not, why?

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