Sunday, November 14, 2010

someone likes my cushy pillows...

Blair & Ashley are staying with me for 3 days...we are so looking forward to the time!  We were trying to remember how long it has been since we did this and we think it has been like 6 or 7 we are very excited to hang out together!  The girls came over this morning and unloaded their things.  We got Maggie comfortable and zipped up in her crate...then headed out to meeting and then out to sushi for lunch with Jody & Linda.  When we came home, this is how I found my bed.  I immediatey laughed out right...the girls were like " What, what???  I said, "Come look!"  

Maggie making a cushy sleeping spot...
 We all laughed and laughed...I had to take a picture and text Jenn. We are not sure how she got out, but Maggie made herself at home and LOVED was thrilled with my pillows too.  I think it is hillarious how she made sure she would have two pillows on either side of her.  :)  Girl after my own heart! 

Just so you get the idea of how cushy she made this spot for herself, this is how my bed normally looks:

The Bed with pillows...all made up

Here she is sleeping on the pillow out by us in the living room...

oh yah...gotta have my pillow!!!

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  1. Too cute! I do have a great puppy who knows good linens.