Sunday, December 26, 2010

day trip to Houston

Today I went to Houston with Jackie & Isabel.  We left a little earlier than normal as Isabel was spending the night at Blair's and so we needed to pick her up on our way out of town.  I was pretty tired, so I stopped at Starbucks in Hillsboro to get a venti vanilla chai of my favorites there!  We made good time and they dropped me off at Panera Bread while they went on to see Modesto.  I took my laptop, a book and knitting with me, so I was all ready for some chill time and knew that I might even sneak a nap in the comfy leather chair.  Well, I did my 30minutes of computer work before the internet at Panera kicked me off (they only allow you 30 minutes between the hours of 11.30am - 01:30pm) and then decided I was so tired, I would curl up and sleep in my chair.  I did, for 1.5hrs!  Can you imagine what they thought of me all curled up there sleeping away like I knew nothing???  Well, it felt REALLY good wonderful...lovely...heavenly!  I then got me some soup & salad, which was yummy.  I decided I would knit, but that didn't last very long and I went back to sleep for another 30 minutes till Jackie called me and said they were on their way back.   I ordered them some food and then we hit the road after they got there.  We made decent time and really didn't have too much traffic inspite of it being a Holiday weekend.  I went straight to bed upon arriving home.  So far, I have managed to keep away the sickness going around...I don't want it!

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  1. Good. After camp I'm sure you needed the extra rest.