Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I appreciate your prayers. This year has been very tough for me. I wish I could say my only issues were being unemployed, my brother, a dear friend who has been a mom to me that is shoving me out of her life, the check engine light that keeps coming on on my car, a decline of an application for health insurance...but it is more than really don't want to know the whole list, you might be depressed with me!  I am having a hard time keeping my chin up...keeping focused. Keeping the truth in my brain that God hears, He knows, He care, He understands, this too shall pass, He won't give me more than I can bare, etc, etc, etc. I have the brain knowledge, but the heart just ain't feeling it!

Today and yesterday I keep singing the lyrics to this song...with tears streaming down my face: "God hears and he answers prayer, cast on Jesus your every care, trust in His promises they cannot fail, for with the Father they'll ever prevail"...

...God hears! I am choosing to believe that He hears me, He knows my tears, He knows my pain, He knows the struggles in my life...He knows...I MUST TRUST! My current prayer: Lord give me the peace to just trust you.

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