Saturday, December 11, 2010

the only picture...

this is the only picture that I have of Terry & I during the time he was here in Texas, December 4, 2009 to November 26, 2010, taken by Margaret.  I regret this, very much...but can do nothing to fix it now.  We talked about getting our picture taken together a few times as the only other picture that I have of us is when he came to visit me in 2003 or 2004 for a week.  It was taken on the fireplace hearth at Uncle Gib & Auntie Con's.  He made the comment a few times that he wanted to get a new one as that one had bad memories.  The reason it did was because the shirt he was wearing in that picture was the same shirt he was wearing when he attempted suicide in May 2010 and they ripped it off of him when giving him medical treatment.  I can't blame him for wanting new memories and only fault myself for not making more of an effort to get one taken.  I have a camera, but it sits in its case in the drawer more than it gets "used".  I do have memories in my head and can envision those, but to have one as proof would have been a nice thing.  Take a lesson from my regret...make picture memories!

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