Friday, December 3, 2010

update on Terry

Terry has disconnected his phone.  He called me Thursday to say "Goodbye" he said.  I asked what he meant by that.  He said that he is tried of people calling him, preaching at him, and so he is going to change his phone number.  I told him that if he choose to give it to me, I would like it, but if he didn't, it was okay. I would still love him, pray for him, send emails and letters as forms of communication.  He is very down, depressed and not sure what his life is all about.  He said he was standing on a cliff, ready to jump off. I am anticipating a repeat of the experience in May 2010, but hope that I am wrong and he is just going thru a dark spell.  Regardless, I know the information an support he is being fed from the owners of the property is not good.  Please pray for him and write him if you feel so inclined.

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