Monday, February 21, 2011

saying the word NO...

In my quest for a simple life, I am starting in one area with the word No.  I will add back as I see fit, for now, there is lots of "NO's".

NO, I am not going to follow your blog anymore.  It is not pertinent to improving my life.  In fact, I think it might be making me more frustrated as another thing to have to read/follow.  It also may be creating a lack of contentment in me because you portray everything so perfect in your life, and somehow, I don't believe it is. 

NO, I am not going to sign up for your emails/coupons, in fact I am going to unsubscribe from tons.  If I need a coupon, I will look for it.  If I haven't shopped your store in a year, I don't need your sales ads.

NO, I can't help you with that project.  I have too many of my own unfinished and somehow that needs to be a priority to finish what I have started.

NO, I don't want to try this new diet.  Yes, I want to loose weight, but not at the expense of buying into some makeover DREAM. 

NO, I am not going shopping at this new fabulous store you found.

NO, I am not buying the latest book of my favorite author...I haven't read the last few that have come out.

NO, I am not going to check out this latest product that you think is a must have for me.

NO, I don't need that herb/medicine, I don't want a million more things to have around and I don't want to have to define if it "really works" for me.

NO, I am not reading this book you think I must read.

NO, I don't want your magazine.

NO, I am not making soap and other products from home, even though you think I should.

NO, I am not staying up late at your house even though you invited me over.

NO, I am not coming out to this function, I am exhausted.

NO, I am not. I said NO.

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