Sunday, February 6, 2011

you know your sick when...

~ you don't care to check your email
~ when just to take a shower makes you so exhausted, you go back to bed and pull the covers up over your head
~ you are tired of fighting the sickness on your own
~ the cough gets worse and you don't care
~ nothing sounds good to eat
~ when you have done nothing (almost literally) all week other than eat and sleep and though this bothers you, you know you have no choice
~ you can't focus to read a book and any music is too loud no matter the volume; makes your mind go crazy
~ you can stare outside for an undetermined amount of time and it is okay, it makes peace in your soul
~ you miss people, but not enough to pick up the phone, takes to much energy
~ you hardly remember what day it is, then again, you don't want to remind yourself because then the facts are facing you as to how many days have been wasted doing NOTHING!!!

yah...I have been sick.  I went and had the antibiotic my client gave me Wednesday filled last night at the pharmacy.  I will be better, just give me a few days, in the meantime, I will sleep some more and maybe have dreams about resuming the blogging that has been suffering of late for various reasons...

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