Saturday, February 12, 2011

you think this will work???

...if you are a friend of mine on Facebook or you follow this blog, you know I have been sick.  Two weeks today.  It has gotten old.  My morale has had a hard time being positive and thankful.  I feel like crud, nothing seems to be working...I am just sick. 

Thursday I woke up to conjuctivitis in my left eye, really bad, that only got progressively worse as the day wore on.  My eye swelled up like I have never seen it before, big bag over my lid to where it was hard to have my eye open, a big puffy bubble under the lid that made me look like an old person, goopy junk coming out every 15-20minutes...litterally running down my face at times, redness like a severe allergy attack x10, it was really hard to even see out of because of the complete I did everything I could think of:  drops of silver in the eye every hour, increased mega dose of VitaminC, and a parsley tea wash, hot compresses, cold compresses...but it only got worse.  I posted on Facebook for suggestions on what would successfully treat this...I got lots of replies to the post and messages about what to use.  I read some articles online.  But with the rapidness this was progressing, I wasn't sure what steps to take and I ended up pretty worried.  I decided to call my client to see if he would call me in some eye drops.  My fever was 101.2 - 101.8 and the pain was unbearable, sore to the touch or untouch, light hurt, itching, stinging, burning...lots of pain.  He did and I started those antibiotic drops Thursday night.  Well yesterday, I got a B12 shot in my arm from the doctor that works on my neck.  The work he did on my neck seemed to help me drain much better too, which is good!  Then when I went to my client's office to do a drop off/pickup and work with one of the employees on a project...he said he wanted to examine me.  This time, my lungs were clear and no wheezing like last week when he listened to me.  He had the nurse give me a Rocephin shot (antibiotic given in the hip) and another oral antibiotic.  He was very kind and would not let me pay him!  While I was there, a lady I met thru networking dropped off some essiential oils for me to try also.  It seems to have helped the swelling and readness to the skin.  I also went and bought 14 bottles of Bio K and will probably do 2 of them a day for the next few days.  I feel like the shots are kicking in...and I am hoping that I have continued results!  Being sick just is no fun...especially when it drags on and on...and on and on...and on and on!!!

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