Saturday, March 12, 2011

12hrs w/a girlfriend

I got to pick up Susie from the airport this week on Monday night and spend the evening with her.  It has been so long since I got to be with her...we both couldn't even remember how long!  She had not been to Texas in 4or5 years at least and so it was a privilege to have her at my house for the night.  We ate at The BlackEyed Pea on our way back from the airport.  We went to bed about 10pm as she was tired and we were getting up early to eat breakfast at IHOP with Judy & Miriam.  Judy & Susie were headed to Peru for 3 weeks.  I headed to a client's office after that and they took off for DFW airport.  Here is the one picture I took during our time together, yes, very early at IHOP!  

Misty & Susie

I WISH I was going to be able to see her again on her way back home from Peru, but unfortunately she isn't stopping back for a layover in DFW...come back soon Susie, it was waaayyyyyyy too short!!!

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  1. That's fun. You guys go waaayyyy back. Clear back to A town. I remember when you lived down the street from me in A town. I used to go down to your house and "help" your mom. I'm not sure how much help I was but it was fun for me. You were a darling baby. I did get pretty good at folding cloth diapers though. :-)