Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2nd Mortgage...[gone]

Today was an exciting day!!!  I moved into my house the first weekend in March 2007, 4 years ago.  I had dreams of paying my house off in 7 years...that may or may not happen in light of life's turn of events, but I am one step closer to that.......BECAUSE...I paid off my 2nd Mortgage on my casa!!!  Yup...MORE DEBT SNOWBALL for me!!!  I called the credit union, got the final payoff quote, wrote the check, and mailed it.  I didn't end up having to pay out any additional taxes for 2010, so I took the extra I had set aside for that and applied it to a good cause.  It is a very good feeling...even if it was the smaller of the two loans and by comparison only only a 5th of the 1st loan, it is progress and I am HAPPY.  

Live Like NoOne Else so later You Can Live Like NoOne Else!

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