Saturday, March 19, 2011

dreaming of a vacation...

I am dreaming of a know, one of those breaks where I don't have to do ANYTHING???  I know...I am not sure I have ever had one of those, but I am dreaming of one!!!  

A Vacation where...
I can sleep...late in the morning and early at night.  
I can eat whenever I want...whatever I want.  
I can go for a walk...a long walk, not pressed for time and not coming back until I want to.
I can read.
I can lay in the sun.
I can knit.
I can do nothing.
I have no phone to answer.
I have no emails to answer.
I have no deadlines to keep.
I have no priorities for the day.
I have no clock to tell me that I am behind or on-time or early.
I have nobody asking where I am or when I am going to get there or when this will be done.
I can be all by myself...just chilling.  

So I am dreaming...because that is all it is.  I have never had a vacation like this and I don't know if I truly could handle such a vacation...but I am dreaming of a vacation!!!  A Dream Vacation.  

Oh, but Dave Ramsey says "Dreams are wishes that seldom happen. Life does not hand you your dreams.  Dreams only become reality when they become your Vision.  Vision that is ready to go to work is called a Goal."

Ahhh...I need to have a Vision of a Vacation!  Then I can have a Goal to have a Vacation!  Even if it is not The Dream Vacation...

What is your Dream Vacation???

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