Friday, March 11, 2011

my blog

Today, I write from my heart.  

I started this blog originally to post highlights of my life such as trips and the like.  I have since turned it more into an online journal.  If you don't want to follow it, please do not feel obligated.  I am not trying to create fans or followers.  My blog is not one that is created to show a life that is fake or a life I do not is a very real.  I simply want to share my life to try and give you courage on this journey, because we all need it!

If you have concerns, please feel free to share them with me.  I have lived here in Texas almost 14 years and I would hope that my openness, dealings with the issues and problems that I have faced in my life, trying to continue to be steadfast and courageous for the Lord would show a testimony to you and that you would know if you have issues or concern you can share them with me.  My life is an open book, and I share more than most would about their life, both in person and on my blog.  Even then, please know that there are things that happen in my life that I haven't shared and therefore it is not a complete picture and by no means the full spectrum of what I have going on and the challenges I face, that I need a Savior to help me with and who gives me strength to face the day.  You may know a few of the issues that I have had going on the last few months, but most of you do not know much beyond the surface, and I will be the first to tell you that I have had to grow in my faith and trust in the Lord.  Life has not been easy...anything but...but my desire to serve the Lord has not changed.  

Please know that right now, I simply have an overwhelming desire to try to simplify my life, one with more peace and quiet.  I pray that God will direct me to continue to aspire to lead a quiet life!

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