Saturday, April 9, 2011

Can you Stand Up for what is right?

Some of you know my family situation...some of you don't.  I am not going to go into all the details of that.  I am going to relay a story of something that happened to me today.

I got a call from a private number on my cell phone.  I typically do not answer Unavailable or Private Numbers.  If you don't want me to know who you are, then I do not feel you deserve my time or attention because there is a reason you want to remain so private.  Well, I am dealing with the government on an issue for a client and I had several Private Number phone calls this week...and knew the next time that I got this call, I would need to answer so that we could get this resolved because we were playing phone tag.  So I answered...not remembering that it is Saturday and the government doesn't work on Saturdays!  This time the call was from my mom.  She was calling to let me know that she could not talk to me in December when I called (the truth is that she hung up on me and when I called back to let her know that if she had something to say she would give me a chance to respond and not just hang up on me, she didn't answer...I got their answering machine so I left the message on that). I didn't respond and she went on to tell me that the doctor's think that Terry has Lupus (I am thinking: Ugh, for reals, NO he doesn't have lupus...I know this, you self diagnose everyone all the time - including me when I lived there and I am living proof that I didn't die as you told me I would!) and that they want Terry to get a job, a car, handle a bank account and be self sufficient.  At this point I had all I could take. I stopped her and told her that there was obviously discrepancies in what she states (they would not let Terry get his car fixed in December, though I know he sold it for drugs which he shouldn't have done, they do not want him to have a car, they do not let him look for a job nor do they try to help him find a job, they spend the disability money he receives for their own use and don't let him have any of it (which is fraud), they won't even let him do laundry on the premises - etc).  She told me to stop and talk like an adult.  I said I am talking like an adult mom.  She told me that Terry is a liar and I didn't check these facts with her or Dad. I told her that I didn't need to check them with her, Terry knows where he does his laundry!  She said, honey you don't understand Terry is a liar.  I said, "Mom the fact is that you are lying to me right now."  Her response: "Honey, I don't try to lie all the time."  I said, "Mom you should NEVER lie."  She said, this is simply a misunderstanding. I said, "No lying and misunderstandings are not the same thing at all mom.  You are justifying things and are being a hypocrite."  She hung up on me.

My question to you is:  Do you stand up for the truth?  For what you know to be right?  No matter who it is? Are you faithful to God and His Word?  Do you believe that sin is sin?  

I was not trained that lying was okay.  I was not trained that to justify things was acceptable.  It grieves my heart, but I know that God's Word is still true!  The truth makes you free. He that is not with Him is against Him! 

I will continue to pray for my mom that she someday will open her heart and mind to God (in an all new way) and ask him to help her deal with her life, her sins of stubbornness, lying and hypocrisy. She is right in her own eyes and justifies everything...but I know God will not refuse an open and contrite heart if she desires to seek him!

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