Saturday, April 16, 2011

no money...

When you say you have "no money"...what does that mean?  Does it mean:

  • you literally have absolutely NO MONEY, not a penny to your name?
  • you are overdrawn on your account and there is NO MONEY?
  • you haven't been paid yet so there is NO MONEY?
  • you are on a budget so there is NO MONEY for this category?
  • you spent everything yesterday so there is NO MONEY?
  • you can't say I don't want to spend my funds that way, so there is NO MONEY?
  • you think everyone will just understand if you say there is NO MONEY?

I am finding people say they have no money, but:
  • then go out to eat when they could eat at home
  • they go shopping for frivolous stuff, stuff they truly do not need
  • they do not live by a budget so they can have money
  • they do not keep priorities in order so they don't have money when they should have money
  • they don't know how to say no so that they can have money
  • they don't live and give as God has called them to, so they can't expect to have money
  • they really have money and that is not a true response to the situation

how about you have money???  do you save?  do you live on a budget?  are you honest about money and when you have it and when you don't?

I have been giving this some thought because I know that I don't have money for certain things and in light of some employment changes in my life the last year, I don't have the money I used to have.  I think each of us need to think about this a bit more and reflect on what we need to live and what money is needed for and stick to the basics...not stuff that is not needed and we will suddenly find we have MONEY!!!

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