Tuesday, June 21, 2011

day didn't go as planned...

My day didn't go as planned...and even in the midst of great technology services, when you are stuck on the freeway going 0mph, no laptop in the car, your current book you are reading at home (which is something I never go away without because I am one of those planners and you never know what will happen or where you will be sitting and waiting), no knitting in the back seat to spend time getting caught up on, no cheat sheet with you to do manual payroll from your client...and by the way at 4.30pm in the afternoon when you are fatigued beyond words and so wish you could curl up and fall asleep right there in your comfy car...what do you do?  Well...you talk on the phone...you send text messages...you check email...you post on Facebook that you are going 0mph on the freeway for 45minutes and counting...and you pray.  You pray for patience, that you wait this inconvenience out that has hindered you getting home to finish client work.  You pray for the things that are on your mind.  You pray for those you love.  You pray for those that are obviously in the wreck ahead of you.  You pray...many prayers.  Seriously though, there is only so much talking on the phone, text messaging, email checking and Facebooking you can do...LOL!  

I felt so unproductive and so tired...but I ended up being so grateful I didn't fall asleep in my car.  Why?  You see, I was in the middle lane and the lanes on both sides of me were moving...we weren't.  I finally seized a gap in the fast lane and moved over.  When we finally got moving more and I rolled past the truck that was in the middle lane going nowhere, guess what I found, the driver was sacked out asleep!!!  No Joke!!!  Someone should have gotten out and woken him up because I guarantee you when he woke up, he would have been embarrassed, on top of the fact that he was creating a major road hazzard!  But sitting still for that long with the Texas sun blazing on your face, who wouldn't want to just go to sleep???

But having said that, I am grateful that I was okay and not involved in a wreck, let alone one that was a fatality...seeing things like that, always make you appreciate another day to live, no matter the circumstances, no matter how much life is hard for you, no matter how much of an inconvenience it is.

You never know what your day will bring forth...another reason I vow to be ALWAYS prepared! ...and today, I really wasn't prepared.

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