Thursday, June 30, 2011

I still care about you...

Terry...I still care about you and love you VERY much.  

I still want you to succeed. 

I still wish I knew how to help you...more...more effectively...more thoroughly...more.  

I still wish you wanted a different life, one that only God can give full peace in. 

I still wish you would make that first step, then a second step and a third step to improve your situation.  

I still wish you lived here in Texas...even if I had not talked to you in years (because you were not able to be contacted)...even if you were sent out to me on the bus unannounced.  

I still wish I had more pictures other than just one with you during the time you lived here in Texas.  

I still wish that mom & dad were on the same page and trying to help you...encourage you...helping you learn to be disciplined...instead their opposition grieves my heart.  

I still wish you had continual fellowship to encourage and strengthen your faith and friendships.  

I still want you here in this life...but I know that this choice is only yours.  

I still wish you saw your potential.  

I still wish you would reflect on that one conversation we had at my house when you broke down in tears about the differences you saw in me from when I lived at home.  

I still wish for you to desire to have a different life.  

I will still reach out to you...even if you don't respond, or respond in anger.

I will still pray for you...daily.  

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